Electrical interference and internet disconnection

  EFC1878 23:19 25 Oct 2005

Hope that this is the correct title and that I manage to expalin my issue succesfully.

A short while ago I had an extra telephone socket put in upstairs in order to run my broadband in my new 'study' room rather than downstirs.

Everything was fine until my daughter pointed that while she was online the PC kept making a crackling noise and discoonecting her. This I tested out and found it to be an intermittent problem.

I rang my ISP who advised me to:
a) change the power management setitng; and
b) to switch the microfilters round as they thought one might be faulty.

Talikng to a colleague at work he thinks that ther emay be some electircal interfentec eas the cables run parallel to electrical cables. Added to this he thinks that the intermittent nature of the problem i.e. disconnecting after 5 mins and other times runing ok for over an hour could be tied in with when the electric pump on the water system kicks in. Is this feasible?

If it is is there any dange rto the PC and/or any solution that anybody can offer?

PS/ Hope this does not sound like a strange post

  DieSse 00:23 26 Oct 2005

"the cables run parallel to electrical cables"

Never a good idea - phone cables are not shielded.

"could be tied in with when the electric pump on the water system kicks in. Is this feasible?"

Yes. it's feasible.

"while she was online the PC kept making a crackling noise"

Noise - from where? That's important to know.

  EFC1878 22:02 26 Oct 2005


Re the noise - Difficult to say as I am not usually in when it occurs.

On one occassion when I was speaking to my ISP help there was an interference noise (similar to that whihc we sometimes get on the analogue radio & TV) at which point the internet connection went off.

I have now plugged the modem and phone wires into the relevant input & output connectors/slots ona surge protection 4 way power supply. I hope that this will help.

  woodchip 22:09 26 Oct 2005

That's a bad BT line

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:13 26 Oct 2005

Remember you need a filter for every bit of phone equipment, all phones sky boxes etc.

some wireless phones can also cause a problem as can a faulty filter.

  EFC1878 22:14 26 Oct 2005


My ISP is BT and after the first 2 calls and advice re the power management and the microfilter chnage I was advise dthat if this did not sort out the problem to get back to them and they would check the line.

This was before I thoguht about the eletrical intereference.

Before I go back to BT I am interested why you conclude that it is a bad line (and please do not think I am disagreeing - far from it - and I just want t sorted i.e. I don't only want to be able to go online when the heating ids off!!) but how would that account for the fact that sometimes the connections last a few minutes and othertimes can be ok for 2hrs?

  EFC1878 23:00 26 Oct 2005

Fruit Bat

I have a filter downstairs and also up in the 'study' with the phone next to the PC.

I guess rather than going to the expenses of a new microfilter(s) the next step I ought to take is go back to BT and get them to look at the new line they put in

  spuds 23:02 26 Oct 2005

You could do your own line test, but don't tell anyone that I told you that. First way is to use the BT automatic line check via 151, or if you feel a little ambitious try method number two: dial 17070 and this will give you various automatic line check options, or try method three:Remove cover from the main socket and it may have a test point, which will allow you to do a test.

How many telephone sockets do you have, and how many are in use. Home telephone communication are rated on a REN system, and usually over five REN could cause problems.

  DieSse 23:05 26 Oct 2005

On one occassion when I was speaking to my ISP help there was an interference noise (similar to that whihc we sometimes get on the analogue radio & TV)

Can you tie the two things together - ie could it be a common cause - such as a local transmitter (any cab firms close by) - or electric motors starting, of lourescent lights being turned on - or a lift motor (if you're in flats).

  EFC1878 23:05 26 Oct 2005


2 sockets both with filters plugged in into to whihc there are 2 phones (upstairs and downstairs) and one adsl modem into the 2nd socket upstairs.

If I did a test what am I looking for? Is it simple? The phones work so how would I know if the line was a good 'un or a duff 'un?

  spuds 23:08 26 Oct 2005

Forgot to mention, that what as already been suggested. Have filters on all your sockets. These are available from click here using quickcode 39530. Cost £1.17 each and a bargain, I have been using these for ages, and they seem to work as efficiently as the more expensive types.

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