electric computer

  kench 21:15 16 Aug 2005

How much does it cost to leave your p.c. running in terms of electric cost.(wife moaning about electric bill).

  stalion 21:17 16 Aug 2005

no more than running your tv for hours only heating type appliances eat electricity

  Jackcoms 21:17 16 Aug 2005

Not a lot.

And if you have XP and use hibernate overnight (or whenever away from the PC for long periods during the day) even less.

  VoG II 21:21 16 Aug 2005

Plus it emits heat so cuts down your heating bills - not at this time of year though.

  Stuartli 21:30 16 Aug 2005

I would look more closely at your wife's use of electricity than anything to do with your computer and monitor...:-)

  stalion 21:34 16 Aug 2005
  woodchip 21:36 16 Aug 2005

Turn the monitor of when you are not using it, the computer uses very little as it is only low volts in the Box 12 volts at most

  Pooke 21:37 16 Aug 2005

about 30p per day for me and it gets switched on late morning 10/11am and gets turned off about midnight. 12 or 13 hours for 30p.

It depends on your machine aswell. A new system running on a 550w PSU will use more power than an older system say running on a 250w PSU.

Mine runs on a 550w PSU and a tonne of fans and extra components installed in it too, sounds like a tank.

My electricity is metered before buying the computer I used about £1 per day now it's about £1.30.


  woodchip 21:40 16 Aug 2005

PS don't think cos you may use a 500watt PSU it uses a lot of power, that as got to be in proportion to the low volts of 5volts 3.3volts and 12volts that the computer uses

  Pooke 21:46 16 Aug 2005

I thought a bigger PSU would use more power in a machine than 250w PSU for example.

Anyway, my calculations holds true the electtric costs about 30p per day for 12 or so hours of use.


  PC Bilbo 23:23 16 Aug 2005

Woodchip is right a large wattage psu will consume no more electricity than a smaller wattage and will usually be more efficient and last longer, and run cooler as it not so stressed.With active power factor correction in the better ones they only draw what they actually need as demand changes.

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