Eicar test virus.

  Lionheart™ 13:57 08 Jan 2003
  Lionheart™ 13:57 08 Jan 2003

Having run this test virus that was in the PCA mag a few months ago and AVG dealt with it.

I thought it had gone, but I have noticed that since I am leaving comp on all the time since getting ADSL last week, if comp is idle for a while I get a message.

Eicar virus found in System Volume_restore.

Where is system volume cannot find it, any help appreciated.

  Lú-tzé 14:08 08 Jan 2003

Sounds like you are running XP / ME - a restore point was made and the test virus was included in it.

Either make a new restore point and delete that one, or tell AVG not to check the restore files.

Or maybe tell AVG not to run checks automatically - just check new files.

  siarad 15:58 08 Jan 2003

It's a test virus which is useful in ensuring that AVG is working so why remove it. 'Find' eicar & delete it there. Won't AVG remove it if you tell it?.

  Lionheart™ 16:19 08 Jan 2003

siarad. AVG was supposed to have removed it way back in October.

When I look in AVG virus vault it's telling me it is still infected and can be found in MyDocuments but the is nothing there.

The warning I am getting is telling me it is in System Volume_restore.

  barrie_g 16:40 08 Jan 2003

turn off system restore run the virus scan and if all clear tun system restore back on and create a new restore point.

  leo49 16:42 08 Jan 2003

Bear in mind you will lose all of you restore points in this process - but it's the only way to clear it from Restore files as they are System Protected.


  DieSse 16:43 08 Jan 2003

It's not a virus. It's merely an item written for AV programs to pick up, so that you can check that the AV program works correctly, and you can see what happens when a virus is found (so that you're not taken by surprise by a real oen, and let it infect you accidentally).

Hence there is nothing you need do to remove it, as it won't hurt anything.

AV programs cannot clear viruses (or eicar) from restore archives - but this doesn't matter unless you need to do a restore, as they can't activate from there. But in this case it doesn't matter anyway.

  Lionheart™ 16:47 08 Jan 2003

Cheers everyone for your help.


  Lionheart™ 17:58 09 Jan 2003

Followed barrie_g advice, all sorted.


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