MIke 20:56 27 May 2004


Anyone here got an Egg credit card account? For the last few days I've been unable to access my account completely. I can get as far as viewing a summary of my account but can't view any detail. A message to Egg resulted in the reply to clear my internet Explorer cache. Done that same problem Contacted Egg again still awaiting their reply. I nbow find I can't even send them a secvure message. Just wondering if others are having same problem.



  allan01 21:18 27 May 2004

I have an egg account, and quickly tried logging into it. It all seems fine, and I can view account summary, previous statements etc.
Looks like it must an issue with your machine or settings unfortunately. Wish I could help more, but at least this lets you know that the egg site is itself working ok.

  MIke 21:25 27 May 2004

Thanks for your reply. I've actually tried on two different PC's but can only get as far as account summary on both. I've also tried connecting with my old dial up account instead of broadband, which is through a different ISP. Only had the problem since they put up the page asking you to activate your new card, as they are changing over from visa credit cards to mastercard. Tried ringing them but got p'd off with holding for ages.


  MIke 21:37 27 May 2004

Just phoned Egg again and got through first time!

It appears my account has migrated onto the new Mastercard so as far as Egg are concerned I don't have an active account anymore, hence there is nothing to show, even though I still owe them money!! They will however send me a postal statement free of charge instead of charging me £2 for it!

Problem appears solved.


  allan01 21:43 27 May 2004

Didn't know they were changing to Mastercard?? Maybe I should read some of those mails they send rather than just binning them!!

  MIke 20:33 28 May 2004

LOL Yeah they let me know by mail and e-mail. Maybe your card's not due for renewal yeet though?

Apparently the card will be blue not green!

  the pie eater 22:45 28 May 2004

Well i have egg and they have said nothing to me me about master card are we ue for a pay out if the swop?

  MIke 16:53 29 May 2004

Afraid not pie eater, in fact if you check out their new terms and conditions from their site you'll see we get less of a rebate!

  MIke 15:56 02 Jun 2004

Had my new "Blue Egg Card " today. Activated via the internet and lo and behold I can now access my account. Interestingly the letter that came with the card is still stating 0.5% casback, even though the website reckons this was reduced to 0.1% in April; with certain retailers offering highe rebate if you follow the links from the egg site.


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