Effects Of Overclocking..

  Tom123 23:55 20 Feb 2004

I was wandering if you tell me the effects of overclocking as my AMD 1.33TB has always been overclocked back and forth since september 2001. I sometimes decide to clock it to 1.5 which is a great increase but i dont always increase the CPU speed which used to be a Volcano 7 but now a Coolermaster Aero 7+. Since my computer has been regularly overclocked and worked very hard without sufficient cooling, could overclocking ever wear out the processor enough so it cant run accellerated graphics such as games (UT2003, GTA3 etc). Also are there any other problems that could arise.

  Gaz 25 01:43 21 Feb 2004

Overclocking CAN in some cases be quite dangerous, you could blow up the processor! And at least you can cause errors and crashes.

Its not advisory unless you have excellent cooling and OVERCLOCKABLE hardware.

MSI Video Cards tend to be overclockable,

Corsair memory is good for Overclocking too.

But... I heard of something where they had overclocked a 3.06GHz to 7GHz, but it needed liquid nitrogen to cool it.

Anyway, good and bad sides too it. Your system, do what you feel is best.

  Tom123 14:59 21 Feb 2004

yeah i have heard about such possibilities and effects of overclocking. But is it possible to damange a CPU to the point where it would be incapable of running graphics accelerated games such as UT 2003?

  Rayuk 15:22 21 Feb 2004

If you have a fairly up to date motherboard the chances of frying your cpu are now fairly low as thermal sensors will prevent it from booting.
The shortening of its life shouldnt be a problem either unless you keep your cpus for 4 or 5 years or longer.

  Tom123 17:33 21 Feb 2004

well i have had my CP since 2001 september so thats like 2 years or so now, will it effect my computer running Acellerated graphics?

I am not sure why you seem so obsessed with accelerated graphics?

Basically, you will run your processor overclocked or not and the accelerated graphics will run as normal. All overclocking is doing is increasing the speed of your processor - Graphics are handled by the Graphics card CPU and unless you are overclocking this then the CPU has no bearing - just processing faster (and hotter).

  hugh-265156 17:42 21 Feb 2004

increased heat will shorten the life of the hardware.

if you up the fsb then the rest of the agp pci cards etc are also running faster than spec.

some people up the volts to stabilize this then makes more heat. without "proper" = bad.

  hugh-265156 17:43 21 Feb 2004

"proper cooling" even

  Tom123 17:48 21 Feb 2004

well the reason im obsessed with graphics is because since i have had my system, almost all the parts have been upgraded apart. my system was at first able to run accelerated graphics, but now it simply wont do it. With various upgrades such as a new MB, HDD, Memory and such, my computer still isnt able to run games. Which leads me to suspect that the hardware failure is due to my processor because of constant overclocking. and i definitely know it is not my windows or my softare. The reason i say this is that i installed windows on a brand new harddrive inside my system for a friend. and of course acelleared graphics such as games and Direct X didnt work. But when i took it out and placed the HDD into my friends system, everything was fine....

  hugh-265156 17:52 21 Feb 2004

enter you bios click set up defaults.

is acceleration enabled? click start/run type dxdiag click ok.click the display tab and run the tests here.any errors?

try:download the latest driver for your graphics card click here or click here

update direct x click here

  Rayuk 19:50 21 Feb 2004

What graphics card do you have,as huggy71 states if you up your fsb it also affects the MHz the agp slot runs at go to far and you will get trouble.

A lot of the latest motherboards now allow you to lock the agp mhz

Also if you overclock too far this will cause your cpu to overheat,this may be your problem in not b eing able to run games the tbirds run hot even at normal levels.

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