Effect of adding SDR Memory

  Winnie 275 20:54 23 Nov 2006

I have 2x256 MB of DDR on an ageing AMD 1.4 MESH computer. It seems to be taking an increasing amount of time probably due to the increasingly complicated tasks I am asking it to do. Is it worth putting in some extra memory (I have 3 empty SDR slots that will take a maximum of 3GB) or do I start saving for a more modern machine?? The machine seems to work well in all other aspects and I am a little loathed to change it. i have recently started trying to move some video footage to DVD.

  ed-0 21:01 23 Nov 2006

You can not put sdr memory with ddr memory. They are totally different. You can just use one or the other.

It may be better to increase the amount of ddr ram you have.

  Totally-braindead 21:23 23 Nov 2006

Agree with ed-0 I have never seen a computer that can utilise both at the same time. It is one or the other.
You have 3 choices. If you are keeping it for a while it might be worth getting more memory but you may find that when you get a new computer that the memory will not be compatible so effectively it will die with the machine. You could save towards a new machine, you can get a base unit at say £300 that probably will do the job and use your existing monitor, keyboard etc. Or and I think this is the better option give it a good clean out. Get rid of old programs you don't use, give it a defrag, clear out old files leftover using something like Ccleaner and stop any programs running in the background you no longer need, if this still makes little difference and you have your original windows disks and any drivers you might need consider formatting and reinstalling windows. It will take some time but it wouldn't cost any money.

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