editor for digital camera 'movies'

  User-73C037C1-C6E4-4B3E-BFB2CBC061F1AED8 21:41 01 Sep 2007

Is there a free program that will enable me to make very basic edits to the 'movies' I make with my digital camera(s)?? What I need is some way of cropping out unwanted lengths.

Peter C

  holme 21:52 01 Sep 2007

Windows Movie Maker. Perfect for your stated need.

How you save the resultant video file will depend on what you wish to do with it. Save it back to the camera? Play back on your PC? Burn to DVD for display on a TV? Can advise if wished, depending on your choice(s). HTH.

  eedcam 22:31 01 Sep 2007

Wmm depends on which format your camera uses.

  holme 22:39 01 Sep 2007

Is the standard video format not AVI from digital cameras? I don't recall ever seeing one which wasn't - but am willing to be proved wrong! :-)

  Woolwell 23:23 01 Sep 2007

WMM does not work with VR Format from Panasonic camcorders but does with their standard video format.

  GroupFC 08:58 02 Sep 2007

In the absence of eedcam, I'll answer for him! No, .avi isn't necessarily the standard format from Digicams. If I recall correctly, some cameras record movies in .mov format (one such being Olympus see this thread click here).

Petercy, can you let us know what camera you have and what format is the movie file and we will be able to advise you further?

Thank you all for your interest and attempts to help; I do appreciate the assistance I get from the HelpRoom.

I use two digital cameras - a Pentax Optio L30 which saves files as 'MOV' and a Fujifilm FinePix S304 which saves in 'AVI' format. (I also very occasionally make movies with my NOKIA phone - I don't know off-hand what it's format is.) With both I tend to let them run on taking far more than I want and I would like to be able to cut out the extraneous rubbish.

  holme 09:30 02 Sep 2007

In that case, you'll need to convert from .mov to either .avi or .wmv for Windows Movie Maker to be able to use the Pentax camera's output.

There are lots of codecs available. We've never needed to do it ourselves so cannot recommend any particular one. Can anyone suggest a good 'un?

How do you intend to use the finished result? Display on a monitor? Burn to DVD?

  eedcam 09:35 02 Sep 2007

sorry for the late reply but as groupfc gave the reply point cleared .

  MichelleC 10:55 02 Sep 2007

WMM is very limited. There aren't any good free dv editing suites but this isn't bad click here

  holme 11:25 02 Sep 2007

Please, in what way(s) do you feel WMM is limited?

Petercy specifically said (twice) he required "some way of cropping out unwanted lengths", for which IMHO WMM is absolutely ideal. And if desired it also gives him other nice features such as very elegant transitions (in some instances better than commercial offerings) and some especially neat titling options.

If all he wishes to do is to view his edited masterpieces on a monitor, then I simply can't see how WMM can be bettered for performance, elegance, user-friendliness, etc. We love it and use it routinely (on multiple machines) for all basic editing work, before putting the bits together on a commercial offering for tweaking and finalising.

But if petercy wishes to burn DVDs, for example, I would agree that's a restricted area for WMM, but there are many easy ways round that.

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