editing video with movie maker

  mannock 12:04 29 Oct 2005

just attempting my first editing of video and i've quickly become frustrated. i only have windows movie maker, but all i want to do at the moment is a couple of basic editing tasks. trouble is, the help section does not mention them. i have a large (7gb) video file on my hard drive, there are two things i want to do with it. remove and delete a big chunk at the end which is where the camera was left switched on whilst lying on a table, and chop the remainder up into smaller files for backing up onto cd. in movie maker i've imported the video, told it to make clips, but it ends up still as one big clip. also i removed/hid the unwanted chunk, but can't find any way of deleting it. do i really need to purchase a more powerful editing program?

  GroupFC 12:53 29 Oct 2005

I think this might work - When you are in MM2 on the preview panel there should be a small icon that looks like two frames with a dashed line seperating them (when you hover over it it says split the clip at the current frame or something similar). This should then give you two clips in the collections area., and you can delete the one you want. This can also be achieved from the menu bar (>clip>split).

You will then be able to delete from collections the bit you don't want. You could also chop up the remainder in a similar way. However with each of these clips you will have to "produce a movie", before you will be able to burn them to CD, as until you have done that they will only be a MM "project" file with a .MSWMM file extension.

Hope that helps but if you really want to get into MM some places to do a birt of reading are click here, click here
and click here

Good Luck!

  mannock 11:37 30 Oct 2005

many thanks for that GroupFC, i will have another go and let you know how i get on, and have a browse of those links. :)

  mannock 20:59 30 Oct 2005

have followed your advice GroupFC , worked a treat, thanks.

  GroupFC 22:09 30 Oct 2005

Glad to have been of service - must get back to my own masterpiece now!

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