PERN 12:04 11 Oct 2011

When scrolling through My Pictures, clicking on one pic for editing, I click on edit ,under the pic and up comes a highly zoomed in version of the pic.I have obviously clicked on something somewhere which I want to reverse. Can anybody help please

  northumbria61 12:07 11 Oct 2011

Check your "zoom slider" at bottom of screen.

  PERN 12:23 11 Oct 2011

Hi Northumbria 61 Cannot find a zoom slider, when the "zoomed in" picture comes up there are approx 28 colours in bottom left corner and various brushes and tools up on the left side of pic. I have the zoom in and zoom out controls etc along the bottom edge but no slider.

  northumbria61 12:26 11 Oct 2011

What OS and are you using MS Picture Manager?

  PERN 13:05 11 Oct 2011

I am running windows xp so I presume it is MS PIC MANAGER

  shellship 16:59 11 Oct 2011

**PERN From your description it looks as though your pictures may be set to open in MS Paint which is not really a photo editor. Right click on pic and see what it says under "open with".

  PERN 21:00 11 Oct 2011

Hi Shellship Rt click on pic and up comes WINDOWS PIC, KODAK GALL, INTERNET EX,ADOBE PAINTSHOP, and PAINT.

  northumbria61 21:06 11 Oct 2011

Ry right click on your picture and from the drop down list select MS Office Picture Manager - if not in list select choose default program and set it at Picture Manager.

  PERN 21:07 11 Oct 2011

I just tried to open picture in all the above and when using "paint"it came up highly zoomed.

  PERN 21:19 11 Oct 2011

When I rt click on pic neither Ms OFFICE MAN, or DEFAULT PROGRAMME come up. WhenI looked in properties//general it quotes---OPENS WITH WINDOWS PICT:AND F

  northumbria61 21:35 11 Oct 2011

Control Panel - Default Programs - Associate a file type or protocol with a specific program - scroll down to find .jpe, .jpeg, .jpg - Description next to that should be Microsoft Picture Manager - if not click on those 3 above and then click on Change Program - you should now get the option to change it.

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