Editing Brightness/Contrast in

  Duncanf 19:58 01 Dec 2010

I downloaded a number of photos from LG Mobile phone in JPEG form to desktop computer and I want to increase brightness in one or two. Problem is they are in My Pictures and when I right click on them and then click edit, they open in Paint which doesn't have the brightness option. Could someone tell me how I get the toolbar to open to adjust brightness? Thanks in anticipation.

  Duncanf 19:59 01 Dec 2010

Sorry.....editing brightness/contrast in Paint.

  johnnyrocker 20:03 01 Dec 2010

what os? have you tried click here for editing?


  Duncanf 20:05 01 Dec 2010

Working with XP Pro. Will try Irfanview. Thanks!

  johnnyrocker 20:06 01 Dec 2010

your welcome


  Duncanf 20:18 01 Dec 2010

Dragged jpeg into Irfanview but can't see a brightness adjustment in the programme.

  Chas49 20:31 01 Dec 2010

Try the Fastone Image Viewer, this does have brightness, contrast etc and more - and is free.
click here

  Duncanf 20:42 01 Dec 2010

Thanks to you both for help. Ended up with Fastone Image Viewer and it worked perfectly!
Many thanks.

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