Editing AVIs

  [email protected]© 18:44 02 Sep 2006

I have a long AVI file that I need to cut in half and save as 2 files. What software (free if poss) can I do this with? Thanks.

  mattyc_92 18:56 02 Sep 2006

If you have the correct codec installed, Windows Movie Maker should do the trick

  [email protected]© 18:57 02 Sep 2006

I tried that but it split into a thousand little bits!!

  mattyc_92 18:59 02 Sep 2006

You have to add the bits into the "timeline" at the bottom (remember to keep the correct order). Then you can save it. And do the same thing again with the rest of the bits ;-)

There is a free tool that I have come across that can do what you are asking. I will try to find out what the tool is called.

  mattyc_92 19:02 02 Sep 2006

This isn't the one I was thinking of, but it will do what you want click here

However, I think the "free download" is a trial of this tool

  GroupFC 19:07 02 Sep 2006

If you using XP, you already have software do this in Movie Maker (start> all programs>acessories>Movie Maker).

You can load the .avi file into movie Maker by import video (make sure that the create clips is unchecked) and in the preview window there is a split clip option. if you click on this you will then have 2 clips in collections. Drag the first one to the timeline, and assuming you don't want to do any editing, select save to my computer.

In the save movie wizard select show more choices and then other settings and dv-avi (pal), click thro' the wizard and then job done.

Now all you have to do is repeat the process for the second clip and Robert's your mother's brother!

It takes longer to write (and read!) than it does to do!

Be warned tho' that .avi files are huge and you will need plenty of HD space and Movie maker's rendering of the files is not the fastest there is (a six minute video .avi file I did this morning took about 25 minutes to render and is 1.2GB - mind you my machine is not the fastest in the world either!)

HTH & Good Luck!

  GroupFC 19:09 02 Sep 2006

Blimey there weren't any replies when I started writing!

I tried that but it split into a thousand little bits!! - see my reply about unticking "split into clips" when importing the video.

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