edit sys.ini, autexec.bat, win.ini etc

  rsturbo 15:29 04 Jan 2003
  rsturbo 15:29 04 Jan 2003

when i use start,run,edit sys.ini (or any of the above) a blue window starts up but no commands are present for me to edit or REM out. this is the same when i run from real mode dos (i'm using w98se)
when i type msconfig and click on the sys.ini tab (or any of the above) there is a whole bunch of commands in these sections!
i need to be able to edit out some of the commands and add others, but can't see how to do it - where am i going wrong please?
thanks for any advice

  bremner 15:32 04 Jan 2003

You can use Notepad or Wordpad to edit any of theses files but be careful you don;t remove something important....

  DieSse 15:39 04 Jan 2003

They're in different folders, so you need to get to the right folders to edit them with a DOS command.

However, as bremner says, you can edit them more easily by right clicking on them, and choosing "Open with" Notepad. Use Notepad inpreference to Wordpad, as it avoids any possibility of adding extra "WP verbiage" into the file.

If you right click autoexec.bat, you'll likely find there's an "Edit" in the menu anyway.

  siarad 15:41 04 Jan 2003

Edit button bottom left

  siarad 15:42 04 Jan 2003

Er bottom right bad memory

  gregori 15:43 04 Jan 2003

You will need to navigate to the directory where the files are stored. Otherwise EDIT will simply creat a blank file with this name as you have found. It is also improtant to get the spelling right. e.g. system.ini and autoexec.bat
Look in the root directory for autoexec.bat and congfig.sys and in the Windows and Windows\System for the others.

  woodchip 15:44 04 Jan 2003

This mat work for you go to start\run type sysedit press enter

  woodchip 15:45 04 Jan 2003

may not mat

  BlueMeanie 15:46 04 Jan 2003

When using Msconfig to amend Autoexec.bat and/or Config.sys you will see a Tick Box at the side of each command. Just remove the tick - using a mouse click - to disable that command.

  rsturbo 15:57 04 Jan 2003

thats it!
thanks for all suggestions.

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