edit an mp3 file

  superspark 19:09 07 Jul 2005

I have an mp3 file which is 2hrs 33 mins long and I want to burn to a cd which obviously has a recording capacity of 80 mins.
Can anyone advise me of a SIMPLE program I can use to edit the file time please?

thanks very much.....

  mattyc_92 19:11 07 Jul 2005

Nero Wave Editor? (part of Nero Burning ROM)

  Chappers7 19:14 07 Jul 2005

I use Adobe Audio Audition 1.5

  superspark 19:14 07 Jul 2005

I already have this on my pc. Can you tell me how to edit please?

  mattyc_92 19:16 07 Jul 2005

What do you have on your system? Nero? or what Chappers7 (even though the post times suggest you are talking about my post, but you could be magical... lol)

  superspark 19:17 07 Jul 2005

I have nero

  mattyc_92 19:19 07 Jul 2005

Go to "Start->All Programs->Nero->Nero Ultra Edition->Nero Wave Editor"

Now click onto "open" and select your file.... You may have to wait a few minutes until the file is "scanned" into the editing tool. Then just copy and paste parts of the audion into another wave editor docuemnt and save as "mp3"

  Chappers7 19:21 07 Jul 2005

Tis decent the Nero one - but not as easy to use as Adobe Audition

I'd settle for Nero though.

  superspark 19:29 07 Jul 2005

Thanks very much to you both for your help.. I will be able to sort it now!

  kenwyn 10:30 08 Jul 2005

No one has mentioned that the length of the file is immaterial; its the SIZE of it which is important. A CD will happily store 4 or 5 hours worth of music, as long as the data involved does not go over the Mb capacity of the CD; thats why on some copy software its important to state you are copying a DATA file, not a MUSIC file even though MP3s are primarily used for copying music. Hope this helps.

  DieSse 11:27 08 Jul 2005

kenwyn is absolutely correct, unless you want to convert it to an audio CD.

It's not the time that matters at all. As long as the mp3 file is less than 700Mb (or 650MB for the shorter CDs) - it will copy to a CD just fine.

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