Edimax 4 port ADSL Gateway - Help please

  rmcqua 19:50 22 Jan 2006

OK, so one of my work colleagues asked me to set up her wireless network for her. Noo problem, I thought. She had already bought the hardware (on reccomendation from a local computer shop) - Edimax 4 port wireless gateway, 1 x Edimax USB network card for laptop and 2 x Edimax wireless PCI cards for her 2 desktops.
She is on BT/Yahoo 2Mbps broadband, so I disconnect the BT USB modem and try to install the software for the Edimax router (horrid software and horrid user guide)and set it up initially hard - wired to the PC with an RJ45 cable. Think I have got there but no. All BT usernames and passwords checked and multiple checked, firewalls disabled, connections checked, connection wizard run and re-run - IE will not connect to a web page and the router
"ready" light blinks continuously and will not go steady. Spent 2 hours trying just about everything I can think of. M/B integrated network adapter says it is working fine.
Then tried the USB wireless adapter in the same PC - no problem installing the software and the device fired up OK, recognized a strong signal from the router. says "connected" but will not display a web page.
At which time (3 hours now elapsed) I reset up the BT/Yahoo USB modem, made apologetic noises and came home for dinner and told her I would have another go later this week.
Any suggestions as to the cause of the problem will be most gratefully received.
Oh yes, WIN XP Home.

  pipedream 20:18 22 Jan 2006

Hi, I haven't any experience with this router but have a couple of Edimax PCI and cardbus wireless cards which work well. When you say the 'ready' light blinks, is this the ADSL light? If so, then this won't connect as presumably the light needs to be steady in the same way as the BT modem. If the router can't sync to the ADSL signal but the modem can, this suggests it's faulty (assuming it's connected to the line in the same way). If your friend could swap it for a Netgear router (e.g. DG834G) this might be easier!

  rmcqua 21:14 22 Jan 2006

Hi pipedream,
The ADSL light is on continuously but there is a separate light ("ready") which blinks and will not achieve a steady condition. I am inclined to agree that it is this light that indicates that the router can sync. (or rather can not sync. in this case).
Unfortunately I don't have a replacement "known good" router to substitute but I'll ask her to try to get a loaner from the shop where she bought the stuff.
Many thanks for the input. Any others welcomed.

  rmcqua 11:40 23 Jan 2006

Any more suggestions, please?

  Sulligogs 21:28 16 Feb 2006


I've recently bought the ADSL router that you mention. It's an EDIMAX AR-7024Wg router. My line rental is with BT and my ISP is with Demon. ADSL is provided via the G.dmt-a standard.

First of all, to indicate successful connection it is in fact correct for the ADSL light to remain on while the "ready" light flashes. So, it seems that your friend's router is connected properly to the ADSL exchange.

But, why must you connect via a cable from the router to the desktop? Can a connection not be obtained through the PCI wireless card? If so, then the network appears to have no problems and your attention should be brought to that wired network port. Was that port actually working before? Has it ever been used?

Over to you,


  rmcqua 21:48 16 Feb 2006

Thanks for the input. Since I last posted we tried wired and wireless with 2 PCs and a laptop. Eventually got the guy from the shop where she bought the device to take a look at it. He got it going but apparently it is very fussy about having its power supply switched off as it loses its address. She has been told not to switch it off (not good because she likes to use that power outlet for her vacuum cleaner !)
Anyway, long and short of it is that the router is now working with 2 wireless PCs and a wireless laptop but the Edimax has been altogether the most difficult wireless device I have ever had to set up. I am also not at all impressed by its very poor user guide. So, I shall not be using this particular router myself nor recommending it to others.
Thanks for your suggestions. I'm now going to tick this as resolved.

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