ed-0 and woodchip

  woodchip 22:19 12 Sep 2006

Not tried another keyboard as yet but may have to go down that root, After starting this thread it was all in capps after the dam computer beeped at me. the caps lock key does not work with the Motherboard Conflict with Keyboard. It is a multimedia keyboard but the drivers are out of date so cannot use them. They are Win95. It will miss letter etc so I have to double check what I have put. As if Spelling was not bad enough.

  VoG II 22:22 12 Sep 2006

What is the question, woody?

  ed-0 22:25 12 Sep 2006

what's the keyboard connection, usb, ps2?

  lisa02 22:27 12 Sep 2006

I was intrigued by the title but I am nosey.

  woodchip 22:27 12 Sep 2006

I Just created this Vog as I got a Mail from Forum Member other day trying to be a policeman Acting in behalf of FE. Looks like we have more than one FE. I will not name names unless the one keeps well clear of me. We was having a natter for a short while on a thread. The person who's thread it was never said a thing. It's just that some like to lay the law down. Hope they reach seventy some day

  woodchip 22:28 12 Sep 2006

It is PS2 but I have had it in the USB. It's just the same

  woodchip 22:29 12 Sep 2006

only thing I could try is the one in my XP desktop

  bellababy 22:35 12 Sep 2006

I'm being nosey now, you wouldn't be a seventy year old paperhanger by any chance would you woodchip? If so why not anaglypta? Excuse the interruption wont do it again unless invited.

  woodchip 22:42 12 Sep 2006

To bring you up to date. Remember my Win98se comp. I fitted the New Mobo Etc but although it's a old Socket A up to 3Gz Athlon Barton chip an ASUS board the drivers are mainly for XP and not mush in the way of BIOS settings to change IRQ's etc so I am lumbered with two Motherboard Conflicts in Device Manager and one Yellow for USB2. USB2 is not a prob as I fitted a PCI usb2 Card with a VIa chipset this I have been able to get going as USB2 but the onboard's are running at USB1.1 and cannot load any drivers as they do not do them for SIS chipset only for XP. So now you know one of the Probs with the board.

PS one of the Motherboard Conflicts is for Keyboard and Resources cannot be changed in Device Manager, they are fixed. The other does not show any conflict in Resources, but on the first page it says there is one.

  woodchip 22:43 12 Sep 2006

No a Joiner

  bellababy 22:45 12 Sep 2006

LOL not far off!!

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