ECS K7S5A - which version do I have?

  May the Schwarz be with you... 16:36 05 Jun 2003

Hi, I would like to know whether I can install the AMD XP 2400+ on my motherboard? I checked out the ECS site and they have a BIOS update which allows your motherboard to support the 2400+ and 2600+ for the 3.1 version but I dunno about the 1.1 version.

I just downloaded Belarc Advisor and it said that I have version 1.1. Am I still able to install the XP 2400+ or even the 2600+ without the motherboard malfunctioning? Of course, I will get the best Coolermaster heatsink/fan to make it run as cool as possible. Will I be able to just buy the CPU and install it or will I need to update my BIOS?

I bought this motherboard back in January 2003 but from a computer fair. The case isn't the same as my friends who which was yellow because mine is dark green. Both our motherboards look the same though. He tells me that if I bought my motherboard sometime this year and if my packaging looks newer than his, then I shouldn't need to update my BIOS. Someone help me please since the 2400+ is an excellent CPU at only £60 and I don't want to miss out!

Also, will it work with 256MB SDRAM? Dunno whether it's PC100 or PC133 though.

  Stuartli 17:53 05 Jun 2003

As you have found out which version it is, you can visit the Elite website again, where there is a full rundown for every mobo it makes, listing what processors are supported and by which BIOS version.

You can also download newer BIOS versions if necessary; the website indicates which is the latest version that can be used with any particular revised mobo.

As far as I can recall your mobo can work with either SD or DDRAM. The board will use faster RAM at a slower speed if that is all that it will support.

  DieSse 17:57 05 Jun 2003

According to this click here your motherboard can support this processor, as long as you have an up-to-date BIOS.

Note the note about PCB revisions and BIOS versions at the top of the page.

Well, I'm pretty sure that with the updated BIOS, I can install the 2400+ or 2600+ but how do I make sure that I have the correct BIOS? And I'm still not sure which motherboard I have. Belarc says 1.1 but I only just bought my motherboard a few months ago.

  DieSse 23:39 05 Jun 2003

Not only did I give you the link, but also pointed out the note on it about where to look for your board version.

Bealrc or AIDA32 will also give you the BIOS version - so you should end up in no doubt.

  D-P-R 00:41 06 Jun 2003

Heres a very good link for the k7s5a, I have the same board and if yo read through some of the posts you should find the info you are after. It a good site to book mark for future reference.
click here

Thanks for the link. It's really helpful. Well, looks like I can install the 2400+ and even the 2600+, if I can find a 266Mhz version which is quite rare now. Still, 2400+ for £60! Not bad for a 2Ghz CPU.

Thing is that I dunno whether I still need to flash the BIOS to have it working. If I install the CPU and it doesn't bootup. Nothing will malfunction right and I will just need to flash my BIOS right? I also heard that installing the 2400+ will lose the SSE instructions so I will need to get the fix for that.

Anyone know where I have to look on the motherboard to find out whether my motherboard is version 1.x or 3.x? I know it doesn't matter now but I'm just curious.

Can someone recommend a good heatink then? I don't want to spend anymore than £10 for one.


OK, just solved it myself. Sorry for wasting everyone's time. No wonder I couldn't find the Version number on my motherboard, it's so small. It's Version 3.1 and since I bought it only a few months ago, it looks like I might not need to flash my BIOS.

Ok, it looks like I will probably get the AMD 2400+ but then I will also need 512MB PC2700 DDR RAM to work together with it. Both are priced similarly and I'm reluctant to spend over £100 for just one upgrade. So which would I notice the most improvement in performance with? I currently have an AMD Duron 1.3Ghz with 256MB SDRAM. I was thinking about just getting the 512MB PC2700 DDR RAM before since that will help a lot but then I saw the AMD 2400+ for £60. If I get the CPU instead, will it work with PC100 SDRAM as well as PC133 SDRAM?

  Stuartli 13:07 06 Jun 2003

Elite mobos usually have thr revision number close to the memory sockets.

  keith-236785 13:45 06 Jun 2003

go for a Athlon 1800+

its compatible with pc2100 ddr and will work with sdram (you can fit either but not both on a k7s5a board). this processor runs at about 1.54GHZ and is fast enough for most games.

if you have SDRAM, you can use that for the moment and save a few quid, but as memory is so cheap it will benefit you to get some DDR memory but decide now if you are going to go for a faster proc later cos if you get PC2100 memory and then upgrade later, you will have to replace it with PC2700 to get the full benefit of your upgrade

I think the Athlon XP 1800+ will be a bit too slow for me later on and the 2400+ is only about £15 more anyways. I just wanna know whether I will have to get DDR memory so that the 2400+ works or can I just buy the CPU now and have it work with my 256MB SDRAM? And will the SDRAM have to be PC133 or will PC100 do because I dunno which SDRAM I have.

I should have really got my DDR RAM a month ago because you could get 512MB for about £35 but now it's as much as £50 so I will have to wait a bit.

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