ECS (Elite) motherboard memory upgrade

  Terry Brown 12:56 29 Aug 2005

I have an ECS (Elite) K7S5A)motherboard running xp 1800 chip at 1150mhz. My memory is 512 dimm 133. Would it be to any advantage to upgrade to ddr 2100 memory. i.e would the chip run at it's true speed. I have tried adjusting the settings in the bios to run at 1800, but it is very unstable.

  pj123 13:06 29 Aug 2005

I think you'll find that 1150mhz is the true speed so adding more memory won't make it go any faster. My AMD Athlon 2000XP runs a 1.67mhz, which is its true speed.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:21 29 Aug 2005

Have same board running ddr2100 there is no appreciable difference running this memory.

  the kopite 13:38 29 Aug 2005

Hi Terry I used to have a k7s5a mb and I downloaded honey exe bios from click here and speed fan using speed fan I found I could do what I liked with the mb and it increased performance a lot kopite

  redeyes20007 14:13 29 Aug 2005

hi terry i have the elite k7s5a mb and upgraded my memory to ddr 2700.i have noticed a difference from the 2100 ddr my amd athlon 2400 runs at 1.99ghz which is correct,processors never run as fast as what it says on the tin.only way to speed up processor is by,s not recommended though

  dan11 14:30 29 Aug 2005

I think you will find that the xp1800+ runs at 1.533Ghz, true speed and not 1.15Ghz.

If your chip is running at 1.15Ghz, then you have the incorrect fsb setting of 100Mhz. Increase the fsb to 133Mhz. This will bring the true speed of the cpu.

  Terry Brown 14:34 29 Aug 2005

Thanks all. It seems that to get a better system, my best option would be to get a faster motherboard.


  Terry Brown 14:15 30 Aug 2005

Thaqnk dan11, I have already tried that, however the system starts up at 1800+, then crashes (system unstable). 1150 is stable.

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