Echolife Router problems

  Dalmation 17:50 06 Sep 2007

Having signed up to TalkTalk 3 I have been having trouble with router. It does not link to my laptop and the only way I can access the internet is through Wireless Network connection.
It is secured but if I leave it on permanently, can other people access it. I ask this as when I connect after disabling it, I do not seem to need to put in the security key every time. I did pay £25 to the Geeks for help and that help lasted 9 days!
Hope you are able to help - I am a complete novice so simple terms would be appreciated.

  dan* 18:01 06 Sep 2007

" It is secured but if I leave it on permanently, can other people access it. "

No. Unless they have the code.

" I do not seem to need to put in the security key every time. "

You only need to enter the code in once on each computer. the computer is then paired with the router and will connect automatically.

The security side of things look fine.

As to linking your laptop, do you want it to be wired to the router? If you do, turn off the WiFi signal and disable the WiFi network in control panel.

  Dalmation 10:56 07 Sep 2007

Thanks Dan,

I have disabled the WiFi network in control panel and turned off the WiFi signal but to no avail.
I now notice that the Internet light on the router is on permanently - can you tell me why this is?

  dan* 13:42 07 Sep 2007

" I now notice that the Internet light on the router is on permanently "

That is because the router is always connected to your internet provider. hence the term " always on"

It's just when you click on the internet icon on your computer that you open the valve and let the internet streaming from the waiting router to your computer.

just looking back to the laptop and using the WiFi signal, do you not find that it would be more convenient to use it wireless than having a lead running to your router? Most find that having a laptop running a wireless internet connection to be a boon.

are you just worried over the security aspect?

  ambra4 13:59 07 Sep 2007


Do you have the user manual If go to this site and download the manual this would to understand the setting

EchoLife HG520 Router User Manual Download

Third one down PDF file

click here\

  Dalmation 17:41 07 Sep 2007

Having sifted through the Manual Ambra4 I think this is all beyond me - but I will keep it for ref. in case someone I know is able to help me out.

Dan I have decided, I think, to access the Internet through the Wirless network connection as I think this is the easiest option.

Thanks anyway for your input - if you come up with something else please let me know.

  ambra4 01:56 08 Sep 2007


Look at this posting from "go to page 12" it might help set up the router

click here

  Dalmation 13:24 08 Sep 2007

Thanks a million Ambra4. I followed your instructions and it looks as if I have been successful in setting up the router.
Hope I don't have to trouble you again!!

  ambra4 14:08 08 Sep 2007

No trouble always willing to help if I can

Good luck enjoy

  zeddy 11:04 05 Dec 2007

Hello there

I am new to this forum. I was wondering if anyone can help me.

TalkTalk have just sent me a wifi Echolife HG250 router. I am having problems activating the wifi in the router. I have one desktop that is connected via ethernet and that is working really well.

I have installed TT's connect & go software which for the record is bloody useless!

Anyway when I ask it to activate the wifi connection it comes back with an error saying that it wasn't able to activate it.

Then the software says to call the Geek squad and they will fix it for a fee! Why should I pay them to fix something that should be working as part of my contract?

Anyway I am trying to connect my PS3 to wifi even though it comes back with an error the PS3 can find the network but with a redicilous 20% signal strength. Also have N95 and that will not connect even when it is right next to the router.

The WAN light on the router is on along with the usual ones.

Please can someone help me as this problem has been driving me mad!

Thanks in advance


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