Echoing on Windows Media Player 10

  heavymetalkid 12:56 26 Dec 2005

Compliments of the season all. I'm getting an "echoing" sound on playback of Windows Media Player 10. If I System Restore back a few days it vanishes, however when I undid the restoration it returned. Can anyone help?

  Methedrine 13:04 26 Dec 2005

Does your sound card have any "Audio Effects" switched on?

  heavymetalkid 13:09 26 Dec 2005

Methedrine....greetings pal. I'm not an expert, how do I check that?

  realist 13:14 26 Dec 2005

Have you tried another player like, say, Winamp?

  Methedrine 13:15 26 Dec 2005

What is the make of your sound? Mine is a Creative sound card and if I go into "Audio HQ" and double click "EAX Control Panel" I can turn on/off different effects.

Tell us the make of yours and we'll see how we go.

  heavymetalkid 14:03 26 Dec 2005

Hi Realist and Meth. discovered a button on taskbar named Sound Effect. When I clicked it got blue box MSI on top with various settings including underwater, sewer pipe(honest) arena and auditorium. Also other settings like SPDIF and Speaker Configuration. Clicked on Plain and echo now seems to have gone. Never noticed this button before,does it mean anything to you guys?

  Stuartli 15:11 26 Dec 2005

It's for recreating the sound produced in different evironments - if you talk in an empty room, for isntance, it's different from a furnished room as the sounds reverberate from the walls.

But it's a long, long time since I played music in a sewer pipe....:-)

  woodchip 15:17 26 Dec 2005

Yes it gives different effects like singing in a empty bathroom

  heavymetalkid 18:04 26 Dec 2005

Thanks everyone, I don't know where the soundbutton came from but it seems ok now.

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