Echo on Skype in headphones

  dp600 06:06 14 Jun 2007

When talk to most my friends on Skype it is very clear,but with 1 i get a very bad echo of my voice.any one have any idies please.

  Stuartli 09:57 14 Jun 2007

It may pay to follow the Skype advice regarding sound quality:

click here

For instance, not many people realise you have to Mute the Mike both in Playback and Record from the Volume icon's menu panel.

Incidentally, I have a similar problem in that all my Skype calls are excellent sound wise, apart from one contact in the Caymans which brings considerable sound interference.

  oldbeefer2 10:20 14 Jun 2007

Just wonder if your contact is using speakers instead of a headset?

  dp600 10:30 14 Jun 2007

thank you for you help

  johnnyrocker 10:35 14 Jun 2007

and it was resolved how?


  dp600 10:50 14 Jun 2007

the other talker on speakers.sorry for not saying. but an add on question.i dont seem have play back and record in my Menu.

  Stuartli 11:06 14 Jun 2007

Menu for what?

If you mean the Volume icon, double click on it>Options>Properties>panel with Playback and Record listed.

Do each in turn and add the sound features required (Mike, CD, Wave etc).

  Stuartli 11:16 14 Jun 2007

To prevent speakers interfering with headset use, I have both connected via a 3.5mm stereo output adapter.

When the speakers are in use, I turn the headset's volume control down to minimum and, when using the headset, I turned the speakers off. See:

click here

About £1.50 from a local audio dealer.

  Miros 16:00 14 Jun 2007

On occasions when I get echo back if phoning landlines I ask the other end to replace the hand set and I call them back this will often solve the problem.
This by the way is with Voipdiscount which seems better to me that Skype which I use occasionally.

  dp600 16:37 14 Jun 2007

thanks all

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