taffyal 16:58 20 Oct 2006

I bought a M_tec PC2100 512MB ram for my ASRock K7VM2 mobo.All I get is 3 beeps when I try to start the P.C.It works OK with its PC133, so PC is OK.The number on the chips is TTD7608F8E758. I have Googled till I'm blue in the face, but cant find any relevant info on it. If its ECC , then I know it wont fit , & hard luck. If its Non ECC, then I may have been sold a dud! Can anyone help recognise them? I know I should have gone to Crucial, but I have to try & stretch a pension!! Have to save my pennies up, I suppose!!! Cheers, Al.

  ed-0 17:13 20 Oct 2006

Count the ram chips on one side of the dimm. If you can devide by 3 or 5, you have ECC ram.

If you can devide by 4, you have non parity non-ecc ram.

  ed-0 18:13 20 Oct 2006

" Do I need error checking?
Most desktop computers take what's called "non-parity" memory and do not need error correction code (ECC), or "parity" modules. (However, in most cases ECC modules will work in desktops.) ECC modules look for errors in data and are most often found in servers and other mission-critical applications used by large networks and businesses. There are, however, a few desktop systems that do use ECC modules. In any case, you should buy the type of memory that's already installed in your system. You can tell which kind you have by looking at one of the modules currently installed. Count the RAM chips on one module. If the number of chips can be evenly divided by three or five, you should buy ECC or parity (whichever is offered for your system). If not, you should buy non-parity. For example, if one of your modules has nine RAM chips, you should buy ECC or parity. If one of your modules has eight RAM chips, you should buy non-parity. Or, you can look up your system in the Memory Advisor tool."

from click here

ECC memory has a separate chip on the moduel to erm, error check the code. This is not to be confused with the smaller eeprom chip at the top of the dimm.

  taffyal 22:39 20 Oct 2006

Thanks. Theres 8 chips on each side. + a tiny chip I assume is the eeprom. It must be non ecc.My mobo is supposed to take non ecc only, but it wont work. Could it be a faulty module- I'm assured its not- or perhaps the mobo is particular what make it uses? I thought that any PC 2100 would be OK? Cheers, Al.

  ed-0 22:43 20 Oct 2006

Like you, I can't identify the chip. has it got any other markings? What size was the chip sold to you as? and you are sure it has 8 chips per side.

I'll have a look at the manual.

  ed-0 22:52 20 Oct 2006

had a quick peek. so it's a dual memory motherboard. Sdram or DDr ram.

The dimm you are trying is DDr 2100, what was the original memory sdram?

If it is, have you removed it?

the manual says you can use 1Gb per slot, so that should be fine.

Have you tried just inserting one stick of ddr ram, clearing the cmos via the jumper and then trying to boot. It sometimes does the trick.

  taffyal 22:53 20 Oct 2006

Sold as PC2100, 512 mbHas a blue sticker on one chip saying M_tec PC2100 512MB, each chip marked TTD7608f8E758, with M.tec 02050(or could be D!) above4 it.It has a barcoded warranty void if removed label, with S/N:205M52003950306 on it.Definitely has 8 chips each side, at end on one side,away from where it fits the slot is a tiny chip type thing,about 1/4 inch wide by 1/3 inch long. Thanks, Al

  taffyal 23:01 20 Oct 2006

Yes its dual memory, 2 slots for Sdr, which I have been using with 2 x 256 PC 133, & 2x DDr slots.I took out the PC133 & inserted the 2100 in No1 ddr slot- 3beeps, blank screen. Took it out & put in No2 slot, same result. Left it in & put the 133 back, it worked but didnt see the 2100. Now have just the PC 133 in.How would I go about clearing the cmos??

  ed-0 23:22 20 Oct 2006

try this.

switch the machine off.

Unplug the power lead.

take out the old sdram modules.

Put in the ddr 2100

Locate the clear cmos pins click here Listed no 17.

You have to short these pins click here. So use a paper clip or a screwdriver blade. just short for around 10 seconds.

Connect every thing back up and try.

  taffyal 23:29 20 Oct 2006

Thanks, I'll try that first thing tomorrow,may mess it up if I'm not fresh!! It ocurred to me that I may have to adjust the bios or something? I only upgraded from pc100 to 133 before & that was a straight swap over, as I thiught that this might be. Thanks, Al.

  taffyal 13:33 21 Oct 2006

Did this, but it had no effect!Still 3 beeps, blank screen, nothing happening!!

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