Ebuyer, never seen this before

  pj123 23:52 02 Nov 2005

Just worked a friend through the buying process for Ebuyer. Everything went smoothly up until the entering of Card details. Got a message from "Barclaycard" asking him to enter his secret pin number. Told him not to respond to that. On checking his newly set up account with Ebuyer his order has been accepted and a delivery date agreed. But what is this request for a secret pin number. I have been buying from Ebuyer for quite a while and never seen this request for my secret pin number.

  Migwell 00:05 03 Nov 2005

Was it not for the CVV2 number on the back of the card. the last three digits are what are usualy required.

I work for a retailer who do sales under the Customer Not Present title and therefor need the CVV2 number to complete the sales charge to the card account.

  Ironman556 00:06 03 Nov 2005

I know with Mastercard you can set up a secure code which some websites will ask you for as an extra security check when you buy. I have my credit card from my bank and I can access the secure code changes that way or it can be done directly from the master card website.

click here

  SANTOS7 00:06 03 Nov 2005

CVV The verification number is a 3 or 4 digit number printed(not embossed) on the back of your card.
It helps protect against credit card theft by individuals who don't possess the physical card, it might of beeen this that was asked for.........

  Nick R. 00:24 03 Nov 2005

No bank or credit card provider would ever ask you for your pin number, they tell you never to give it out, even to their own staff. It sounds very dodgy to me. If it's not the CVV2 number as mentioned above it sounds like his computer has been hacked or he's got onto a spoof website.

  lotvic 00:34 03 Nov 2005

On Ebuyer I got exactly the same grey pop up box when I used Barclaycard. I also thought it was a scam and did not respond to it. My order was also accepted with no prob. but I have always felt 'uncomfortable' about the pop up request for my secret pin number and wondered if it ought to be reported to either Barclaycard or Ebuyer (or both) , it was definately a request for 'secret pin number' and not for the 'verification number'

  spuds 09:35 03 Nov 2005

Barclaycard are now issuing further security options, and some retailers have signed up for this. Basically, a pop-up screen will give you an extra option to 'register' with the retailer. It is similar to having an extra passcode, so that Barclaycard and the retailer have this extra security of you on file.

The only problem with this, is trying to remember all those extra passwords and codes, if you use different ones,everytime you register for one. I use a number of retailers that use this scheme, and I am only reminded who they are when the pop-up appears. The only problem, is that I keep forgetting, and need to 're-register'.Never stopped me from making a purchase, and the transactions always seem to go through.

  PaulB2005 09:44 03 Nov 2005

Can someone get a screen shot?

Did anyone ask eBuyer?

I know Mastercard and VISA have a system where you are prompted on some sites for an additional password - Overclockers for example - which is a further check of your identity. It's a password that is unrelated to your PIN or Credit Card Number and usually appears in a brightly coloured screen with logos and is quite obvious.

  Hamish 09:45 03 Nov 2005

Bank of Scotland have a similar system which is good but as spuds says trying to remember everything is my problem as well. I need a computer to keep track of codes, etc.

  Audeal 13:39 03 Nov 2005

I keep all my codes and passwords in a Note Pad file on a separate Floppy disk and only use it when I need to check something up. That way it is not stored on the computer and can't be stolen.

  ACOLYTE 13:45 03 Nov 2005

Not off the pc anyway lol.

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