Mr A! 13:09 14 Jan 2005

Please be aware that there is currently an email circulating asking for users to confirm their ebay/paypal account information. THIS IS A SCAM. Myself and others have received emails asking for account verification and since i don't even have a paypal/ebay account why did i receive an email?. From taking part in other computing forums I am now positive that this is a scam.

Remember that if you want to verify your ebay/paypal account details, type the URL in the browser. Don't click one from an email.

  pj123 17:00 14 Jan 2005
  Taw® 14:20 15 Jan 2005

As long as you read and understand the advice given on both ebay and paypal secure sites you will not be caught by scammers. As pj123 I receive these daily and the odd bank one. I always sign into the sites through the address bar and never ever from an email link.

  Forum Editor 14:46 15 Jan 2005

for a long time Mr A! but it's worth having annother reminder.

  Mr A! 14:12 18 Jan 2005

internet is like Forum Editor. You can never have enough reminders to help keep you safe!

  Dennis1 15:32 18 Jan 2005

I've also had several reminders,and also one saying that 'I'm in violation of my e-bay account'.What account, like Stuartli I don't have an account,and as MrA! say's you can never have enough reminders,always some unsuspecting person likely to fall for it.

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