ebay/paypal problem

  pj123 14:02 17 Apr 2008

I bought something via ebay and paid via paypal some time ago now.

I emailed the seller a couple of days ago asking when I could expect delivery of the item.

The response was "when payment is cleared I will send it".

I checked my Paypal account and the payment for this item was made on 3rd April. It also says the status is "Unclaimed". What does that mean?

I emailed the seller with this info and he has now asked me how does he claim this payment.

Going back to Paypal it now says the seller is "Unregistered". Again, what does that mean?

How do I get payment to this seller?

Alternatively, how do I cancel the Paypal payment so that I can send a cheque to the seller.

  €dstowe 14:17 17 Apr 2008

There seems to be something dodgy about this person - PayPal don't "unregister" people willy-nilly.

Claim a refund through PayPal but be very careful about completing the transaction with the seller.

  Grantrh 14:50 17 Apr 2008

From what you have said he does sound a bit dodgy, however there are more than one type of paypal account - a premium account means you can accept payment by credit/debit card or paypal balance and costs about 3.4% + 20p to receive and then there is the personal account ( think thats what it is called) were you can only receive money by a paypal balance for free.
He may have the personal account, and if you have paid by card then that could be the problem.
If in doubt, I would suggest starting claiming your money back from paypal - this also may have the effect of making him communicable about what is going on.

  bomberforpm 14:59 17 Apr 2008

Isnt un-register the tag when the user hasnt complete the full register process?

IE hasnt waited for the small amounts to be taken from his account and confimed said amounts?

I personnally would CANCEL this transaction straight away.

If the payment is unclaimed chances are it hasnt come out of your bank. Cancel the transaction and walk away is my advice

  belfman 15:09 17 Apr 2008

Better to pay a few pence for a Postal Order, and cross it, than reveal your Bank details.

  rickf 16:35 17 Apr 2008

HI pj123,
The seller is an idiot. He just have to log on to his PP account and claim it and then it'll go thru'. It sounds like he's a 1st time user at PP which is why he needs to claim the payment.
Hope that helps

  pj123 13:56 22 Apr 2008

Maybe it's me who is the idiot!

As the Paypal was unclaimed I cancelled the transaction altogether. No problem.

I emailed the seller who said he would accept a cheque but I would have to wait until it cleared before he sends the item.

Posted a cheque today. Just have to wait and see now.

  hiwatt 14:27 22 Apr 2008

I wouldn't worry about it,it just sounds as if he's not used to paypal.If it is unclaimed it just means he's not logged on to his account and accepted your payment.Unregistered means he's not registered his account properly.

  MikeySchwarzn 15:00 22 Apr 2008

yeah, I wouldn't worry about it. He might not have realised that the payment was aqwaiting clearance at his end, although you'd have to be pretty dim. Just watch out if the cheque is 'lost in the post' and cancel the old one bfore sending him a new cheque. He might have been hoping you'd forget to cancel the old paypal payment before resending and then he'd take the money off you twice. That'd be a pretty dumb scam, though, as paypal would easily catch him.

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