eBay XP Pro at c £10 - £15

  Rob6 11:41 21 Aug 2005

Clearly copies but said to come with keycode. Can these be fully working? will they allow update down load?

  Completealias 11:45 21 Aug 2005

Pirate copies no doubt about it MS will probably know about the key that comes with them and you won't pass the validation. MS have said they won't stop people downloading security updates thou.

If it seems to good to be true on ebay then it probably is.

  Rob6 11:49 21 Aug 2005

Looking at what has previously been sold there appear to be a lot of copies out there. Does anyone know someone who is running one and can report on their experiance?

  Pooke 11:54 21 Aug 2005

And this site forbids it. They are copies and therefore illegal. You will lose money on these products and if the sellers are repported to ebay the auctions would be taken off and investigated.

If you actually get the copy installed the key will most likely be invalid or Microsoft will block it and you will not be able to use windows beyond the 30 day period.

Hardly worth it.


  dave_and_confused 11:57 21 Aug 2005

It's clearly an illegal copy. Thousands of people are running copies of this all over the world.

The only problem you have is your conscience about using pirate software and if you are going to get caught. Buying it off eBay is asking for trouble - after all you have to give over some identifying information.

As for experience with pirate copies. Well I've seen machines that run fine and I've seen disks packed with viruses so take your risk if you must.

  spuds 12:15 21 Aug 2005

These pirate copies are always available, and eBay usually closes the bidding, if they get reports. Anyone that as made a bid or as been supplied via the site, usually have a email from eBay informing you of the fact.

You may see some genuine copies of Microsoft products like XP, but on the whole, the bidding can get stupid and it would be far cheaper and perhaps wiser to use recognized outlets like Ebuyer.At least if things go wrong, then you would have a respected supplier to claim against.

  thospot 12:58 21 Aug 2005

My 'Post response' doesn't seem to be working because this is my 3rd time I have tried to respond..... I inadvertantly purchased XPPro from Ebay for £50 but didn't install it for a few months due to moving house. When I finally did get it installed I found that the serial number had already been used so I contacted the seller who sent me another number.

This number had already been used as well but when I tried to contact the seller again I couldn't get a reply...

I tried everything I could to contact Ebay but found that they don't seem to want to be contacted at all so I gave up. I don't think I would trust Ebay again.

  harps1h 13:08 21 Aug 2005

yes these are copies as a guy i work with got one but he says it works fine. have to say that from july he was unable to get updates except through the automatic updates. other than that it runs fine with full functionality.
i should point out that these are not my views

  Technotiger 13:10 21 Aug 2005

Post Response doesn't seem to be working .......
I'm afraid this is just one of the problems this site is having at the moment. Problems are being worked upon by the powers-to-be. This is just to let you know that it is not just You/Your computer.


  Stuartli 13:57 21 Aug 2005

The Contact Us link on e-Bay is very easy to find...:-)

click here

  Audeal 15:35 21 Aug 2005

My son put a genuine copy of XP Pro on E-bay only to have it removed without explanation. When he contacted E-bay they told him it was a pirate copy and Microsoft asked them to remove it. He informed them that it was not a pirate copy as it was still in the shrink wrapping, unopened and with the genuine Manual and it was also a Chinese copy. That still made no difference.

So what he did to sell it was to go down the road and sold it in the local Chinese Takeaway.

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