ebay why ? are you killing uk sellers ???????

  laptopjack 01:26 19 Jun 2013

hi hope you are good ?? why are ebay killing the uk sellers ???

ten years on ebay and all good but it going mental look at this :-


can anyone here help ??? please read the feeds from ebay how can they charge for nothing !

never seen the folks go mental on ebay before ?? please remember i pay ebay £250 apx a month i feel robbed out of pocket ???

thanks ebay !!!

please reply !! thanks

  laptopjack 01:27 19 Jun 2013

ebay have removed over 1000 of the messages but you can see the damage !!!

how can we help me and these folks please

  wiz-king 05:43 19 Jun 2013

Try some test purchases.

I have a website that has normally 20 customers a day but for some unknown reason I had one day last week with no over night orders, I checked the server logs but it was just no customers that night - first in 10 years.

  Chronos the 2nd 08:08 19 Jun 2013

Ebay have, in my opinion, allowed greed to dictate how it has evolved. I and many of my friends no longer sell on Ebay as fees have made it less attractive to so, what with listing fees, final value fees add to those the Paypal fees and it is not worth it for the odd item. I had also found them increasingly disinterested in the small seller and more interested in the business seller, I assume you pay plenty of fees. In fact does Ebay not advertise itself now as a shopping channel as opposed to an auction site.

I appreciate this has little relevance to your thread except that Ebay are very slow, these days, answering queries here in the UK, I assume you have question ed Ebay on this problem?

  spuds 10:06 19 Jun 2013

Obviously there is a problem, but I myself being more of a buyer than anything else, I seem to have no problems in making purchases or receiving items on a virtual daily basis. So somewhere there must be a problem for some people?.

There was a remark and part of the BBC Watchdog program the other week, when it was noted the amount of 'frozen accounts' were on the increase with eBay/PayPal, and some seller's were having thousand's of pounds held back, to the point of financial ruin for them. This brought many complaints to Watchdog who took up the challenge, and by doing so, some of the seller's appeared to have their 'frozen accounts' reopened.

So perhaps a way forward with this, is to contact the BBC or their Watchdog program, and see if they can do an investigation?.

  laptopjack 02:17 22 Jun 2013

watchdog is not good for this ! remember the hp dv2000 dv6000 dv9000 and all the nivida chips, we reported that to them for months with loads of emails !
remember hplies.com and my own blog(remember all been on here) watchdog went with play station faults, they go for the big ones first and dont listen ! they would be more intrested in the buyers being dumped as every seller walks away! sellers are walking from ebay HOW CAN EBAY GURRANTE THE WARRANTIES ??? THE SELLERS WILL BE BANKRUPT ! How can you then be expected to service it ! being treated like a dog by ebay ! i will walk on mine ebay thanks for charging me all those paypal fee's you need them !

watchdog is a buyers tool not a sellers !!

but the fact remains ebay is dumping its foundations ! its dumping its private sellers in droves !

what comes next ? Ebid ? yea ok ? but no will i move money on paypal with it !

see they split the jewl ! paypal want rid of ebay thats why this is happening !

paypal is alamost a bank why do you want dirty second hand sellers involeved !

its now becoming an outlet store ! tesco argos ect use your own website to sell and dump your crap !

so where do we all go ??? because ebay when you build that fine store in the sky ! when the people that built and made you leave ! you will have youre outlets but without your private sellers you will just become a .com and not even blue chip!

because in our droves we are leaving !

any one can get bargins from maplin argos tesco's YOU DONT NEED EBAY TO DO THAT ! EBAY YOU ARE KILLING IT ! WHEN WE LEAVE THEY WILL TO !




best wishes many thanks


  Forum Editor 08:09 22 Jun 2013

Ebay is in the process of changing its software and business methodology in an attempt to increase efficiency in terms of energy consumption, and improve customer experience.

Almost inevitably this appears to have caused some problems. You can read about the changes if you click here

  spuds 10:03 22 Jun 2013

Forum Editor

I suppose its alright to quote how eBay is becoming eco-friendly, but that doesn't stop seller's having to think about whether they want to support eBay any further, with some of the recent practise changes.

On the surface to the buyer, everything might look very fine, including the 'protection' policy eBay and PayPal have introduced, but below the surface seller's are finding it far harder to sell items through eBay, as they were able to do previously.

Personally , as a very regular buyer of eBay advertised goods, I don't do to bad out of it. In fact I can gain a fair amount of rewards, and make a fair amount of saving on most buys. But I do wonder how some seller's are actually making any money at all, and that possibly why a lot of private seller's are now preferring payment on collection if possible. And by doing so, save on fees and charges, plus frozen accounts?.

eBay are not just alone, Amazon Market Place seller's are also feeling the pinch through changes being introduced presently.

Perhaps the way forward, might be the AliBaba way, who I understand are far bigger than eBay or Amazon, put together. I could be wrong there, and no doubt you will soon correct me?.

  wee eddie 11:35 22 Jun 2013

There seems to be a lack of understanding by those that use eBay to make money for themselves - e.g. to do business.

eBay is there to make money for its Owners and pay its Staff. Like any Business it will try to charge as much as the market will bear and sometimes will set their prices too high.

You, the eBay Trader have two choices:- Move elsewhere or factor it into your margins. If sufficient traders move, eBay will feel the pinch and reduce their margins.

Sorry for the lack of sympathy but that is the nature of business

  spuds 11:58 22 Jun 2013

eBay is a tool that is suppose to benefit all concerned, and its been a very great tool of doing just that. others have tried and not succeeded to the levels eBay have achieved over the years.

But the point now, is that eBay management are not listening to the seller's who in turn will effect the buyers, and this is what the concerns are being raised at the present time.

Alienating your customer's (buyers and sellers)is not the way forward, irrespective of the 'nature of the business'.

Off subject, but I know a person who runs a very successful business, and as done for many years. At every opportunity he raises prices because "the punters will pay for it". but one day that bubble and attitude might and probably will change at the most unfortunate moment?.

  wee eddie 15:38 22 Jun 2013

spuds: whenever one raises ones prices one risks losing customers. That is the nature of business.

eBay & PayPal must consider that they will not lose significant volume of business by these actions. If they do they will need to backpedal.

If the Traders that use eBay, carry on using eBay, then ebay will have succeeded.

I can't understand where you get the idea that eBay is there for your benefit. It is a business, there to maximise its profit and for no other reason. It spent years trading at a loss while building up sufficient volume to trade profitably, what's wrong with them trying to make a profit!

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