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  Pesala 14:38 18 Feb 2003

When I tried to register with eBay, I found that someone was already using my ID. Though that might not be unusual for most people, since my name is a Pali one, it is extremely unusual.

My fear is that someone has stolen my ID from details freely available on my website, and is using them on eBay.

I declined to regiser with eBay after reading the legal liabilities that I might incur. How can I find out who is using my ID?

My name is Pesala

  Djohn 14:48 18 Feb 2003

Pesala, It is quite common for someone else to have the same name, When using the internet you will have a unique *User name and password*. This is the one you use to connect to your ISP.

When registering for ebay, all you need to supply is a user name, this can be the same one you use as explained above or once registered, ebay will e-mail you a account number to log on with.

You do not need to give any personal details, (Other than your e-mail address), to ebay and certainly not your real name/address or financial information, such as bank or credit card details. J.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:54 18 Feb 2003

Ebay has sites in every country and has millions of members so it is not unusual to want the same ID as someone else. Choose another and you will be fine. Ebay is very secure, I have used it for yonks without problems. Your name, although unusual, will not be for any buddhists or anyone with an interest in that direction.

When Ebay supply you with the unique log in account number you can then change your password to whatever. No-one has direct access to your credit cards or bank account and no one will know your real , full name unless you flog them something.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:56 18 Feb 2003

ps...try calling yourself gandalf and trying to register with that. :-))))


  Pesala 18:08 18 Feb 2003

I registered under another name, and searched the members list for Pesala. The name was registered in 1999, before I had internet access, so it is probably just a coincidence.

We pay our phone bill to BT. Recently we started having problems dialing out. We got a recorded message that to continue using Telco's low rates, we should dial a free phone number. Then one of the Tenants got a bill from Telco listing £100 of calls dating from Janaury 1st. He has a mobile, doesn't have a phone socket in his room, and is at work all day. Someone used his details to register with Telco for some reason.

Now the Treasurer has to sort the mess out. Modern technology makes it far to easy for this kind of fraud.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:15 18 Feb 2003

Due to the data protection laws etc. you cannot find out who is using a net name unless they are committing a criminal offence against you or your family. You could email them, if they are flogging something though and politely ask if they can 'fess up as to where they got their name from but that is all. The foul up with Telco was probaly just happenstance.


  hoverman 19:30 18 Feb 2003

What is this 'account number'referred to? I have been an ebay user for over two years and only use a user ID and password, which I chose, to log in. Have never been given an account number.

  Pesala 10:14 20 Feb 2003


When I signed on, they sent me an email with a "confirmation code." I suspect that is what Gandalf is referring to.

  hoverman 10:22 20 Feb 2003

Many thanks, although I do not recall being given one when I signed up several years ago. Must be a new policy.

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