ebay predicament

  pj123 18:29 23 Mar 2007

I sold an item on ebay.

The payment details were "Personal Cheque Only".

The winner has now emailed me and said he doesn't want to pay by cheque, will I accept Credit Card?

As a private seller I can't accept any sort of card.

He now says can he pay by Paypal. Although I have a Paypal account I don't want to accept payment for this item that way as I was listing it for a friend.

I am inclined to advise this winner that unless I receive payment by cheque I will cancel his bid. Can I do that?

The second highest bidder was only £1 below the winning bid and I could offer it to him as a Second Chance.

  SLAYER 18:38 23 Mar 2007

I think you would do better to post this query on the Ebay forums,but I think you will find that you are perfectly entitled to reject his alternate offers of payment.

He would have been well aware of the payment requirements.He has no right to change them unless of course you agree.Which you don't.

I would advise him that if he is not prepared to pay by the method listed,then he must forfeit the auction.

  Simsy 18:38 23 Mar 2007

with your inclination, but advise the winning bidder of that first.

Why doesn't he want to pay by cheque? If (S)he doesn't have a bank account that might be reasonable... but who has a credit card but no bank account? Maybe someone does... what about postal order?

Good luck,



  skidzy 18:39 23 Mar 2007

If you have listed payment details correctly,you may withdraw the bid and offer the item to the next highest bidder under second chance offer.

As we all know,the bidder is entering a law abiding contract once a bid has been placed,but you must list payment details to refuse the bid.

Ive had this many times in the past,normally most are happy with a polite email stating the fact that you will not accept any other payment except those listed.

  [email protected]© 18:39 23 Mar 2007

You are fully entitled not to sell to the winner as you stated cheque only. Although this may run the risk of receiving negative feedback. How about asking him for a Postal Order?

  skidzy 18:41 23 Mar 2007

Simsy has the probably the easiest solution,ask the winning bidder to send a postal order instead of the cheque,you can still bank this...just like a cheque.

  [email protected]© 18:42 23 Mar 2007

You can also ask for the Postal Order to be sent 'uncrossed'. This way you can take it to the Post Office and cash it in without having to wait about 5 days for the Postal Order to clear like a cheque.

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:44 23 Mar 2007

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  Mr Mistoffelees 18:45 23 Mar 2007

I'm going to go back to playing WOW.

  pj123 19:22 23 Mar 2007

Tried the Postal Order route as well.

The winner is Irish and this is the latest email I have received.

true = through???

yea i can pay true paypal no prob but when i go 2 pay that option doesn come up, it only says check or postel order. i can send a check but i would rather pay true paypal. if u could get me a pay pal account that i could send the money 2 that would be gerat.

  boot-it-out 06:07 24 Mar 2007

The buyer has a degree of protection by using Paypal and that may be why he is reluctant to pay by cheque or Postal Order in the post - which not only take longer but tun the risk of being lost by Royal Mail.

The problem with you accepting Paypal is that it wil cost YOU more to download the cash from paypal to your bank account, and you are not allowed to pass this charge on to the buyer.

That having been said, if you specified "Cheque Only" in the auction details then you are entitled to insist on that method, or cancel the sale, which can be done by a "Mutual Agreement", avoiding you having to pay the E-Bay final value fees.

You can then move on and sell the the second highest bidder if they are still interested.

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