eBay Postage costs

  pj123 18:21 25 Jul 2006

How can you justify the postage costs that some sellers are posting on eBay. Just looked at an item that weighs less than 60gms and the postage cost is £4.99.

I have bought a few items on ebay and paid the listed postage. But when the item has arrived I see the envelope is franked something like 49p yet I paid £2.50.

Having sold a few items I usually put the postage as "at cost". I weigh the item and then charge the postage that I pay. Am I doing it wrong?

  Forum Editor 18:24 25 Jul 2006

and I'll move it there now.

  MAJ 18:28 25 Jul 2006

I have long thought that it's just a way the seller can make a few extra quid, pj123. What can you do, eh???

  SG Atlantis® 18:29 25 Jul 2006

Doing it honestly.

Charge for your packaging too.

  pj123 18:42 25 Jul 2006

MAJ, "What can you do," Unfortunately not a lot if you bid and win the item.

SG Atlantis®, I thought I was honest. I pack it and then weigh it and charge that postage.

  SG Atlantis® 18:48 25 Jul 2006

You're allowed to charge for some handling, packaging and the postage. click here

It's also a way to make a profit without ebay taking a slice, ebay don't include postage in final value fees. Some people sell the item for a low cost and charge £40 pp just to avoid fees, against the rules, and should be reported to ebay.

  Snec 18:57 25 Jul 2006

Tape, boxes, jiffy bags, invoices, printing, time, and last of all, cost of postage. It all adds up.

Ebay buyers always want something at less than the perceived cost.
Sellers try to make as much money as they can but postage costs are declared in the listings. If a buyer does not like it, don't bid.

  spuds 19:37 25 Jul 2006

"Am I doing it wrong?". In a single word-Yes.

  sean-278262 19:56 25 Jul 2006

What like these cnuts?

click here
click here

I wish that there was an easy way to report them all.

Personally I when I sell on ebay or other sites charge the cost of postage, the cost of packing materials (including anything special requested) and the cost of running down to the post office 2 miles away in petrol.

I can accept reasonable costs. It drives me mad when on ebay asking if they can send to my Republic of Ireland address as many choose to rip me off, aka charge 15quid for an item. I have posted items heavier and fully insured for £400 for 7quid to here so I really hate being taken for a ride and tell them what is what. A lot of sellers forget that in this day and age travel is quite easy and I have 2 addresses and they forget that I may just have full knowledge of the general costings at the post office.

And anyway the post office has a site. Thats where I usually send the sellers to to complain of overrated pricing!

  rezeeg 20:01 25 Jul 2006

"postage costs are declared in the listings. If a buyer does not like it, don't bid."

Snec I won a bid that had £8.50 registered first class stated as postage, but when it arrived (two days later) it was recorded delivery at £2.50.

How could I have exercised the "don't bid" part of your statement?

  sean-278262 20:04 25 Jul 2006

Rezeeg - We all have open access to the post office and their website. You should check with the seller before bidding for a break down of the costs. Nothing against you here. I am in complete agreement that the problem is rife. Ebay is a pain also in the fact go to mobile phones and you will see 1000s of items that are not meant to be there, ebook this and free that. PHONES is for phones they should clamp down on these rogue sellers as it just gets in the way of genuine buyers.

If I wanted the ebook I would look for it.

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