Ebay links crazy network problem!

  User-1337804 11:48 13 Feb 2009

I have a problem. On a computer I have a problem where I can get onto ebay.com, .co.uk, .ie or etc. but when any link is clicked; computers.ebay.com or an item for sale, it gets a timed out/this document contains no data error. on pinging, the DNS gave back the correct IP address but there was no reply from the ping to computers.ebay.com or etc

tried everything i could think of over the course of 4 hours; taking off norton, disabling all firewalls, scanning for spyware. flushing the DNS cache, reenableing the DNS service. turned off all internet security settings. turned down the fragmentation threshold on the wireless card (MTU). plugged the PC in by cable to the BT homehub. disabled IPv6 on the wireless card, reenabled and enabled it in the browser. tried IE and firefox. tried another user profile

a laptop wired into the BT homehub router could browse any ebay page, so doesnt seem a router/BT problem.

only thing left to try (as i ran out of time), is to boot into knoppix with it wired up to the router and see if that works. i think thats the most important thing to try as it will tell me whether its a windows problem.

also, which confuses me further, i managed to get hold of a 3G dongle, and when the PC was accessing the internet thru this, it worked. so it was something to do with the PC connected into the router. i might have to get a 3G dongle for reasons like this....

The PC's IP was being assigned by DHCP, haven't tried setting up a static IP, though the BT homehubs IP by wasn't the usual but something like, i think, or similar, maybe it ends in 100+. does that sound normal?

in the event viewer and netstat there wasnt anything suspect. using a proxy server could be an idea but i think booting into the knoppix live CD (which should automatically support the ethernet port) will tell me whether its a software problem or not. just dont really want to reinstall windows for something that looks like its not a big problem!

i tried loads of different websites as well but couldnt find any, do you lot know if ebay uses any specific web technologies that other sites dont?
gonna email BT and ebay and see if they can shed any light on this!

  m-powa 15:54 13 Feb 2009

must be a spyware/malware/adware, or browser has something missing . e.g. javascript, 3-rd party software blocking pop ups etc

  User-1337804 17:01 13 Feb 2009

Did a spyware scan, altho only with spybot S&D. and i dont think i gave it enough time after reboot to scan again! so there could be something there.

posted this on a few forums and some people have said that ebay uses something specific in javascript that could be broken. tried both firefox and IE so it must be broken across both.

other ideas i've had are to try alternate DNS servers, e.g. openDNS, or to make sure the MTU is correct for the router (BT homehub). The latter seems like it could well be true as the computer could access ebay fine when i plugged a 3G card into it.

  T0SH 20:55 13 Feb 2009

If you are on IE7 try resetting the browser by going to internet properties then the advanced tab click Reset at the bottom, restart IE and try it again

Cheers HC

  T0SH 21:07 13 Feb 2009

The BT home hub IP is (Gateway address), its LAN DHCP Pool issuing range is from to

If you use any anti malware programs that use the hosts file for blocking be sure that ebay is not being blocked

Cheers HC

  New To This 17:28 03 Mar 2009

I have the same problem! Has any one come up with a solution? I have tried every thing to no avail!!!

  New To This 17:31 03 Mar 2009

please can some body help me?
I need to sell an item.

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