eBay item disappeared

  Catastrophe 07:04 08 Jan 2007

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this?

Last night I was highest bidder (eBay) on an item at £68. My maximum bid was $167. My feedback is 344 all as buyer.

I last saw it 8 minutes before end of auction, which was 7pm. I looked after end of auction and it had disappeared. It was not in items I had won and not in items I had not won. That was last night. This morning 7am same thing.

It has just disappeared. Seller feedback was excellent. I am a bit miffed as this was a Packard Bell dvd recorder with hdd which would have been an absolute snip at £68. Still not bad at quite a lot higher.

Any ideas please?

  €dstowe 07:33 08 Jan 2007

Perhaps the seller was expecting more interest and much higher bids such that he withdrew the item as it hadn't reached a (in his view) reasonable or acceptable amount.

That price for an item like that is very low indeed.

I believe that feedback is only applied to sales that actually materialise so, for all you know, this could be a common practice with this seller - only selling things that he thinks are bid to a reasonable price and withdrawing at last minute if they're not.

  Catastrophe 07:38 08 Jan 2007


Thanks for your comment. When you bid it says it is a legal contract which must apply also to the seller. No service without counter service.

I shall be complaining to eBay.

  Catastrophe 07:39 08 Jan 2007

BTW The reserve of £50 had been met.

  €dstowe 07:45 08 Jan 2007

I'm sure the seller is able to get around these contract conditions by saying something to the effect of he discovered at the last minute that the item was broken etc.

He could also put an exclusion clause in stating that it is being offered elsewhere.

By all means complain to eBay - I strongly suggest that you do.

  Catastrophe 08:27 08 Jan 2007


Thanks for that. You are right. I found notes on how to withdraw your listing which include "item no longer available for sale" "item broken" etc.

Makes a mockery of the 'legal contract bit doesn't it?

I have seen disclaimers saying seller reserves right to sell elsewhere as being advertised but there was no such in this case.

Since eBay do not make it easy to contact them, I found their tel no by googling. It is 0208-605-3000 and I will be calling at 9 o'clock.

  dagbladet 08:43 08 Jan 2007


While I share your irritation (it's happened to me on several occassions), it's probably time to move on. Calls to E-bay etc, will only prolong your angst. As has been stated the seller can stop the auction at any time for a number of reasons. The fact that it seems to happen regularly when someone is on the verge of a genuine bargain is infuriating, but there is little you can do.

  €dstowe 09:22 08 Jan 2007

My suggestion that you complain to eBay was not so much to gain anything your self but to possibly add your complaint to a list they may already have. eBay have their reputation to maintain and they take a dim view of people who manipulate their rules.

  Catastrophe 09:49 08 Jan 2007

Thanks guys. I have phoned eBay on:
Option 3 gets a human to talk to. Don't bother with 2 as it just tells you to eMail.

All I was told was eBay is just a platform. They do not appear interested in the legal contract. Seems it is up to buyer or seller to sue.

I was told that, if seller pulls item, it should still show in 'Items I didn't win'. If eBay close it then (I was told) there should be an eMail from them. Either way there should be access to the reference/seller id. In my case there was apparently a 'glitch' in the system so I suggest, if you want belt and braces, always write down the reference number (I know) and the seller id.

I do appreciate there is nothing substantive I can do but I have phoned PC magazines suggesting they point out these things to readers as a public service.

Thanks for your interest.

  Catastrophe 09:52 08 Jan 2007

"eBay have their reputation to maintain and they take a dim view of people who manipulate their rules"

My impression was that they could not care less.

My understanding is that they are a 'platform' making money by facilitating contact between buyer and seller. Nothing wrong with that.

  €dstowe 10:39 08 Jan 2007

Even if they are only a "platform making money" if there is user dissatisfaction then the foundations of the platform will become unstable and it will, sooner or later, collapse.

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