ebay help , "revise your item"

  Mit123 15:07 31 Aug 2006

i am selling an item on ebay. and i have already put my item in the ebay listings (i am selling it) i am doing bidding and no one has bidded yet , i have 9 days left until it ends and i want to change the title so it stand out abit so When i go on the link "Revise your item" then it takes u 2 the page where u describe it , after i have edited the title and then if I click continue will it start the "time left" all over again , or will it just continue??? any help will be great.

  €dstowe 15:17 31 Aug 2006

Apparently it will carry on from where it left off - you don't get any extra time by making alterations.

  Mit123 15:23 31 Aug 2006


  €dstowe 15:25 31 Aug 2006

"Apparently" because I am taking the information from a member of my staff and passing it on to you.

He is an eBay user, I am not.

  spuds 15:26 31 Aug 2006

Why not put the question to eBay Community!.

  Mit123 15:26 31 Aug 2006

oh ok thank you anyway , i will wait for some more responces.

  Mit123 15:27 31 Aug 2006

i will try and do that aswell.

  Mit123 15:31 31 Aug 2006

any more ideas?

  €dstowe 17:15 31 Aug 2006

You have to ask yourself why should eBay give you extra time just because you have made alterations to the item for sale.

It's your decision to make the change, nothing to do with eBay.

  skidzy 17:22 31 Aug 2006

As a seasoned Ebayer who often sells, and just like you MIT123 have edited items when i have realised its not really how i wished them to look.
You gain no extra time what soever.
However if you cancel the listing and then relist how you would like your item to look,would give you a new scheduled date.You also say,9 days left...if you have now edited the item...let it be.

Hope this helps.

  gardener 18:50 31 Aug 2006

I have edited items I have offered on eBay and the only advice I can give is don't use the Opera browser to do this.When I added a couple more pictures to the two existing ones I was charged for the whole lot again.I'll give eBay their credit though,they reimbursed me within 24 hours.

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