Ebay Help Please

  ACOLYTE 17:00 28 Mar 2006

As the title says,im new to ebay and i have just made an account i wish to sell some items,but i am confused by all the pages.
I have described my item set out the price and p.p options and description,but i am stuck with what payment methods to accept, what do i put in this field,there is a lot of ways to pay how do i know what type the person has?and what i can accept?.
Also do i have to insert a picture of the item?

  roygbiv 17:09 28 Mar 2006

I think alot of ebay users have a paypal account.
You could try using the pp + PO for a starting block and then add more, as you sell more items.
As for a picture, it will sell alot better if you can show a photo (in the gallery or just in the listing (cheaper))
good luck

  micklemouse 17:10 28 Mar 2006

you can say you will only accept payment by PayPal, that's what most folks do as it's the quickest and safest way of trading on eBay. Usually if people want to buy anything on ebay they have already set up their own Paypal account. And no, you dont' have to insert a picture of any item you want to sell, but it does help tremendously if you want to show off the quality of the item you wish to sell. People will nearly always look at the picture before they go on to the details!

  ACOLYTE 17:16 28 Mar 2006

Can i accept paypal without asking my bank,or telling them that someone may pay by this method?
I know this is all simple stuff but im lost lol.
Another little question it seems i can only sell my item in an auction,i would rather sell it at a fixed price but need a feedback of +10,what do new sellers start with?

  SANTOS7 17:17 28 Mar 2006

click here
this will help,good luck...

  micklemouse 17:23 28 Mar 2006

once you have set up an account with PayPal - who will need your bank details - you are free to trade in ebay without contacting your bank. PayPal handles the financial side of things. You can sell any item at a fixed price too. As for feedback of +10, I'm not sure.

  Diemmess 17:26 28 Mar 2006

You are trying to sell the most wanted item on ebay.... or that is what you are hoping a buyer will feel about your ad.

I agree with the others a photo if you can. Time to buy a digi camera?

A positive description which is truthful and even humourous. Emphasize what is good, ignore the not so good unless it amounts to misrepresentation.

Payment methods:
Paypal is most convenient, but some (like you) inexperienced may be nervous about opening an account with Paypal, so it's not the deciding factor.
IF they want what you have enough, they will be prepared to wait for their cheque to clear.

  spuds 17:26 28 Mar 2006

You can ask for any payment method acceptable to you and the buyer. Cash on collection or sent at their risk, Cheques with proviso of clearance to you account first. PayPal or Nochex if you have opened an account. Payment by PayPal, the buyer must also have a PayPal account. Payment by Nochex, you must have an account the buyer can pay direct by credit or debit card, they do not need an account (but make sure that you give account details for payment, usually an email reference, set up by Nochex). In the case of PayPal, make sure that any monies paid into your PayPal account is transfered to your own bank account as quickly as possible. PayPal can have a tendency to claw money back without your knowledge.And this can lead to all sorts of problems.

Photographs of the actual item(s) are essential in my opinion, but do not put in your description 'As per photo'(some people do), give honest information. Make sure you allow for postage including packaging, and if possible 'insure' the item(s). Check with Royal Mail etc about prices, it is surprising how many people mis-calculate this. And do not increase your postage charges to cover the bidding price, sending one cd in a cheap flimsy envelope 2nd class, and asking £10.00 for postage isn't very wise.

  ACOLYTE 17:26 28 Mar 2006

This is getting more confusing by the second lol,
what type of paypal account do i need? is the personell one ok for ebay?,it says it dooesnt accept credit/debit cards.

  spuds 17:31 28 Mar 2006

Would mention that opening a PayPal account, can get a little confusing at the start, when PayPal ask you to get verified. If you want to know more, just ask.

  ACOLYTE 17:38 28 Mar 2006

ok,i have made a standard account on paypal it didnt ask for my bank details though does this happen later? i can see my accounts page but nothing there of interest lol.

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