Ebay buying : is Xp on a secondhand PC genuine?

  John Ross 22:24 05 Aug 2009

I have just bought a Tower on Ebay and the seller claims it has a copy of Windows xp installed. However when I ask for evidence it is updateable (it looks like it has never been updated) then the seller says it is but the screenshot he has sent shows it has never been updated.
Is there a way to confirm it is a genuine copy of Windows Xp, and/or not already installed on another PC BEFORE collecting and paying for it? This is important to me for security and to ensure I can use windows update.
I am guessing if the seller sends me the licence number I can check with Microsoft?
In addition the seller is saying he is unable to demonstrate the PC is working when I go to collect. Should I accpet this, an d do I ahve the right to insist on a demo? I can take my own screen / mouse / keyboard!!
apologies for the naive questions, but this is my first foray into buyng PCs secondhand and on Ebay.
Thanks !

  woodchip 22:35 05 Aug 2009

yes try updating it, with windows updates

  compumac 22:36 05 Aug 2009

What reason does he give for being unable to demonstrate the PC. Sounds very dodgy.

  woodchip 22:37 05 Aug 2009

Best thing you can do is steer clear

  Technotiger 22:46 05 Aug 2009

Sounds very dodgy - I would not touch it with the proverbial 'barge-pole' .........

  Technotiger 22:48 05 Aug 2009

Have a look in your own local area, newspaper adverts, shop window adverts etc - at least you would be able to see/try before you part with your cash.

  woodchip 22:58 05 Aug 2009

Look For Computer Fairs near you in Google, as they have both new and second hand PC and Laptops, these can be seen working and after taking home if they do not work you can take them back even if it means the next time they hold a Fair,as those that Run them Enforce that kind of thing. But do get a Receipt with Date and there address plus Price payed

  Snec 02:25 06 Aug 2009

Have a look at the seller's feedback. If it is OK then the item probably is alright.

I know there are dodgy sellers but all you have to do really is be careful. Over many, many ebay purchases I've never had a bad deal but there's always a first time.

  DieSse 12:04 06 Aug 2009

Genuine XP

Has it got a licence key. It should be on a sticker on the system if it's an OEM windows - or on the documentation with the CD if it's retail.

If it's retail XP cannot be legally sold without the media (CD), and documentation with activation key attached.

If it's OEM - then it might not have a CD if it's a big name brand. If it's unbranded then it almost certainly should have an OEM CD. Small OEMs almost always install from a CD copy, which should be with the system.

If none of these you can bet it's a pirated copy.

  bjh 12:28 06 Aug 2009

There are plenty of computers for sale on Ebay - and elsewhere - all at reasonable cost. If this one is ever-so-good-value but the vendor is a bit sticky, it's likely to be a dud in more than one way.

I have flogged a few on Ebay in my time, and have always been open about things, and always shown the computer working when it has been collected (as much for my benefit as proof of working when taken). I have always put a picture of the sticker on the case, with the numbers blanked out, to prove it's got a valid XP.

If he won't show you the Windows Licence sticker attached to the case, and/or won't show it is working on collection BEFORE parting with a pennt, I would certainly not touch it in any way. Not worth it. If he sounds even reluctant to do so, then unless it's a matter of just walking across the street for a look, it isn't even worth a journey.

What spec is it, and how much is it? Maybe we can point you in the direction of something better - even new - for the same dosh! (Don't post the Ebay link - you can see we all would bid for it ;))

  T I M B O 12:53 06 Aug 2009

Is it possible to send back. Buying electrial gear from ebay is a no no i recon.

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