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  spuds 19:53 18 Jul 2005

I have recently returned to Ebay after a couple of years absense, for the possible chance of purchasing goods, and a couple of things have made me ponder a little. Perhaps you are a regular Ebayer who as the answer to a couple of questions!.

[1] I now notice that on some bidding, you are informed that: Private Listing-Bidders Identities Protected. I cannot recall this happening a couple of years ago, is it something new. I hate being gazumped by a hidden bidder :o(

[2] On proxy [automatic] bidding, is your highest proxy bid the price that you will pay, should other bidders not reach your maximum.

  pk470 20:03 18 Jul 2005

Welcome to EBAY,i left them for the same reason i put a bid in for a tape recorder no matter what bid i put in i was always out bid.

  radi8or 20:13 18 Jul 2005


There's a lot of software around that bids for you up to the very last second click here

Not sure on your 2nd question don't very often buy of e-bay

Regards Bob

  patsyanne 20:18 18 Jul 2005

say you desperately wanted something on ebay so you put a high bid your high bid doesn't get shown just your bid is higher than the last bid and then say i wanted to bid for same item i wouldnt know how much you have bid but i would be told i been outbid . I not sure if i explained it right
My first bid on ebay was for a mobile rubber Nokia old and instead of £39.00 i put £39.000 honest to god i nearly died i couldnt re tract it cause the sale was ending in minutes i ended up paying £59 cause someone had bid £58 wasnt worth that either but i was so relieved at £59 .

  sellewe 20:20 18 Jul 2005

I think the answer to your questions are on the ebay site. I know that if you put in a proxey bid you only pay above the highest bid at close of the auction time not you bid price.
Check out the site.

  leo49 20:31 18 Jul 2005

The Privatelisting-Bidders has been around for quite a while - mainly used where a seller considers he'll get a better response if bidders are assured of anonymity and thus shielded from any possible embarassment.eg a bidder might not want their spouse to know how much they're spending or the sort of item they're buying.

The price you pay if Ebay bids for you is the next bidding step above all other bids.eg you place an opening bid for a maximum of £20 on an item starting price £5.Another person bids £7 raising your proxy bid to £7.50[one bidding step above].Only one other bid of £16 is made raising your bid to £17[one bid step up] which is your final buying price.

If you use this method and place your bid a long time in advance of the sale's end you're really exposing yourself to manipulation especially you've bought a similar item from that seller before.I sell an awful lot on Ebay with lots of repeat customers and I know from past experiences their bidding habits - If I were dishonest this knowledge could easily be used to artificially boost the price.

  Wilham 21:18 18 Jul 2005

Spuds, I agree with you and I do not like the 'private source' items. I simply don't bid, neither do I with those that ask for excessive carriage, nor where a charge is added for using PayPal.

I don't experience gazumping because I start at my highest valuation. Good luck to someone who beats me.

I have been the only bidder, in which case I only paid the seller's starting price,- not the higher figure I'd entered.

I get cross that ebay does little to counteract obvious abuses of its facility. Example... "Do not buy" which turn out to be 'wanted' ads.

But via eBay I've bought items that by other ways I'd have never found.

  Pooke 21:44 18 Jul 2005

A few times I was bdding for goods and I was continually out bid by new names. In one instance I was bidding for a PC Game, The Sims 2, it stayed at £5 for the whole week and on the day it was ending I was continually out bid by two names, that where just created that day. Alarm bells rang in my head and I backed out.

I will not bid more than 60% (postage included in the calculation)of what it would cost to buy brand new retail. As I would not considerate to be advatageous to me, as you get more hassles on ebay than buying in shops. Sticking to my policy I have got myself some good buys and of course some duds.

I don't understand sometimes, for instance the highest bid on an item will be more than it's value in the highstreet? I wonder is bidding addictive?


  Bellboy 22:05 18 Jul 2005

>I was continually out bid by two names, that were just created that day.<

I think they call that Shill bidding - where connections can bid up the item and if they get stuck with it, they only lose the fees.
E-bay have software that searches for connections, and barred one seller I bought from for using a business address to bid for his own item.

  spuds 23:21 18 Jul 2005

Thanks everyone, you have given me some great information.

One of my main concerns was the information provided by Ebay about Shill bidding [gazumping], and I have a suspicion that this may occure with hidden identities.

Regarding the proxy [automatic] bidding. I noticed that in one case, the first two bids started a £10 then £12, and suddenly the third bid went to £50, which made me suspect something went wrong, considering that the close of bidding was a further three hours away.

If anyone else wants to add further, please do so, as this is getting interesting.

  stlucia 13:40 19 Jul 2005

So, when patsyanne mistakenly put in a 59,000 bid, if someone else had made a similar mistake and put in a 58,000 bid, she'd really have been in trouble?? Is there no way of correcting honest mistakes?

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