nuke 23:31 15 Mar 2006

I sold 4 discs on ebay as a set all to do with driving.
I fully tested each them to make sure they installed on my pc (so I don't get negative feedback fom the buyer if they don't work and also so it doesn't cost me more to have them refunded and returned)

Also I hardley used them and I clearly stated that they were used and in good condition.
I lost quite alot of money on them but since the ebayer bidded on them and won I sold the item to her.

She took quite a while to pay and the cheque cleared on Sunday/Monday and I promtly despatched them to her.

She recived them today and got bach to to me to say the discs are crap and don't work and can she possibly have a refund.

Although she (she claims her other half) has left me postive feedback!

What do I do?
I've sold quite alot of items on ebay and have excellent feedback and have never been in this position before.
My sister said to ignore her (she probably has copied the discs) and to refuse to refund her, but I have quite alot of guilt if I do (yes I am a softie!)

Now clealy it would be strange for four discs not to and further to say they are crap if they aren't working.

Some advice would be appreciated.

  nuke 23:39 15 Mar 2006

I can give you a link of my listing but it was only the winning bidder who bidded on them and further her ebay nic is there and therfore havn't posted the link

  SG Atlantis® 23:40 15 Mar 2006

they probably have copied the disks, but you can't accuse her can you?

It's upto what happens, I'd let it go personally, you've got the positive feedback already so they can't "neg" you.

  nuke 23:42 15 Mar 2006

Should I refund her minus the charges I incurred:listing fee,final value fee and postage and packing fee and get her to send them back to me at her cost.

  nuke 23:47 15 Mar 2006

Last thing they were tested in 2 pcs, one installed with xp and the other with windows 2000 and worked faultlessly.

  SG Atlantis® 23:48 15 Mar 2006

I have sold a few things myself and never had any come back. I think they have either copied them or are just having buyers remorse.

I agree with your sister here, let the buyer get on with it, and don't refund. Don't refuse point blank on the refund be subtle... " I'm sorry but the disks where fully tested and verified to be working just prior to despatch. You have left positive feedback and that concludes the deal. "

  nuke 23:56 15 Mar 2006

Thank you S G Atlantis for your advice.
I'm too soft for my own good (in my nature) my sister is alot more assertive I tend to never argue with people/stores when they claerly are at fault.

The little incident has actually got to me!
Silly isn't it!!!

  remind 00:00 16 Mar 2006

If all she can offer is `the discs are crap and don't work` then it sounds like she is the one with the problem - does she mean she can't get them to work, or that when she does get them to work they aren't up to the standard she expected?

  nuke 00:10 16 Mar 2006

I havn't replied back to as yet.
But I know for cerstain the discs were in good condition (I always double check items I sell on ebay just to make sure they work eve thigh I know they work etc...)

Clearly the only way she would possibly know the discs are crap (ther is no mention of any physical damage one would expect this to be one of the fisrt theings to mentioned)is if she has actually tried them I would think!

  nuke 00:12 16 Mar 2006

I would consider this to be now closed I will follow A G Atlantis advice.

  remind 00:17 16 Mar 2006

OK, good luck with it

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