EasyDisk USB device - 70MB of data but no files

  Raywood 09:10 28 Nov 2005

Hi, I am having a problem with an EasyDisk USB memory device. I have happily used it for a number of months. However this morning I have a problem. The disk properties show that the disk has about 70MB of data on it from files that I have stored. I find that when I open the disk in Explorer or my computer, I get a blank window which suggests that nothing is stored on the disk.

Is there a tool that will enable me to retrieve or expose the contents of my disk?? Also my disk has some spare capacity according to the properties window (a limit of 112MB) but I cannot save any data to it. I would be greatful for any advice. Thanks in advance.

  MAJ 09:20 28 Nov 2005

That can happen sometimes with pen drives, Raywood. Have you tried unplugging it and plugging it into the USB slot again, or even unplug it and turn off your PC, then restart your PC with the pen drive plugged in. Also try another USB slot.

  brambles 15:48 28 Nov 2005

My EasyDisk was working fine, but then the driver stopped working. How do I reinstall the driver?

In device manager, under USB controllers, remove the USB root hub(s) and then the USB controller(s). Reboot computer, allowing Windows to redetect the USB root hub(s) and controller(s). (In Windows 98, reinstall the driver and reboot again.) After this, insert the EasyDisk, and it should function properly.

Raywood have a look at click here it's full of information


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