Easy way to learn french and german?

  Internetwhizzkid 15:10 22 Apr 2007

just now I have started to go places that speak different languages mostly french. Anyway due to difficulties I gave up foreign languages. But now I want to start to learn it so I can use it when I go away again.
So does anyone know of any good free software that will easily help me speak french.
Most ideal would be having the ability to enter text in english and then have it read out in french.


  Trademark 16:54 22 Apr 2007

The best way really is to go to the country & learn from 'real' people.

  Pineman100 16:59 22 Apr 2007

The BBC does some useful language tutorials. click here

  sea urchin 18:33 22 Apr 2007

You might find this helpful

click here

  Jackcoms 18:47 22 Apr 2007

I can't see the problem here. There's really only about 4 words you need in each of those languages:

"Une biere, sil vous plait"


"Eine bier, bitte"

You might also want to add "Merci" and "Danke".

Job done!

  driving man 20:41 22 Apr 2007

I have found through personal experiance that when forced to learn a Foreign Language, eg at school -- nothing sinks in.
But if you really want to learn it is easy.
I suggest that a course in french conversation and then a holiday in France -- the interior where English is not spoken--will bring you on in leaps and bounds

  Totally-braindead 20:43 22 Apr 2007

The library might also have audio tapes to help you learn.

  Probabilitydrive 20:55 22 Apr 2007

Unfortunately, there is nothing-as yet-useful enough capable of replacing a basic introductory language course (1 term should suffice of reaching the 'getting around' stage).

By nature language learning is all about communicating and this is best learnt, practised and consolidated in a classroom learning environment.

However, there are some interesting sites around...
click here
click here
click here
http:/click here

  Noldi 21:11 22 Apr 2007

one of the First things I did was put Stikits with the word and a sentence in German on eg Fridge, kettle etc just gets you going on things in you day to day life, This is also helpful with technical things at work. This is special in German because of the M


  Noldi 21:14 22 Apr 2007

Sorry don’t know what happened there

German you need to know if its Masculine or Feminine etc


  Internetwhizzkid 21:45 22 Apr 2007

Thanks Probabilitydrive for the first link, funnly enough that was the exact site that I used in the school before I gave it up

Thanks for reminding me

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