Easy way to copy / clone hard drive?

  tomhealy 18:36 09 Mar 2003

Is there any way of copying everything (and i mean everything) from one hard drive to another?

I'm asking because i keep getting messages when i start up that a hard drive failure is imminent ands so i am getting a new drive and don't want to have to spend hours reloading everything that i have on the original.

Am running WinXP Pro if that makes any difference

  MAJ 18:43 09 Mar 2003

If you have/buy "Norton Ghost", it's fairly straight forward. See bottom of this page click here

  BRYNIT 18:50 09 Mar 2003

try this click here

  Wak 18:50 09 Mar 2003

Have a look at XXCOPY at click here
It's quick, it's easy and it's FREE.
I use it every week to clone my C:\ drive to my D:\ drive as backup.

  tomhealy 18:50 09 Mar 2003

Any cheaper way? ;)

  Wak 18:52 09 Mar 2003

You can't get any cheaper than FREE.

  tomhealy 19:03 09 Mar 2003

was replying to first person then two others appeared at same time.

XXCopy says it doesn't work for Xp

  tell 02:32 10 Mar 2003

For those advanced computer users who would like a little extra trick in your repertoire, please consider the following. This little cheat is most often used when upgrading your primary hard disk. It’s a great way to replace the hardware without having to reload your operating system. It is also employed in replacing a hard drive that is suspect, or even failing. Windows 95 or 98 will have to be running for this to work. Early diagnosis is critical in such cases, and even then you may not get satisfactory results. In all cases, though you must be sure that the new drive is of at least equal capacity to your original.

Start by powering down your system, disconnect the hard drive, and install the replacement drive. This will protect your existing data while you prepare the new drive. Boot the system with a floppy disk equipped with FDISK and FORMAT utilities. First use FDISK to create a primary partition and make it active. Reboot the machine and FORMAT the new drive. This is where having the original drive disconnected can really save the day. Once the new drive is ready, its time to reconnect the original hard drive. Make the new one just another installed drive. It will usually be seen as drive ‘D:’ under Windows.

Once you’ve restarted the system with the newly ‘prepared’ drive installed, its time to start making your clone. For this next part you’ll want to be sure that ‘Windows Explorer’ is set to show all files. Highlight the root directory of your ‘C:’ drive, select all but the ‘Windows’ folder, and copy it to the new drive. Once that is done, create a new folder on the new drive, and call it ‘Windows’. Go back to the ‘Windows’ folder on the original drive, select all but the file called ‘win386.swp’, and copy that to the new folder you just created.

Now all of the files on your original drive have been copied. Except the swap file used by Windows, which is recreated every time your system restarts. You cannot perform an ‘all at once’ copy, because of the dynamic nature of the swap file. This method avoids that problem completely. Now you can replace your original drive with the cloned drive, and have everything as it was before the operation. Without loading, reloading, or restoring anything, you now have your system back, with a new primary hard drive. Not to mention, a great backup in the form of your original drive, if it still works. Enjoy.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:21 10 Mar 2003

xxcopy does work with XP.


  bda72 07:31 10 Mar 2003

Buy PC Answers, this months copy has a free drive image package on the cover disk so far I have used it once on a new machine I have just built and setup and it was real easy and ended up with a boot cd and 2 image cd's that contain a complete backup of the system.

The software is Acronis TrueImage Deluxe btw.

  tomhealy 12:48 10 Mar 2003

GANDALF <|:-)>

How do you use it for xp then?

The user guide i looked at seemed to say that cloning the drive wouldn't work under XP but i may have been mistaken.

Think it was because of a lack of dos on the system (though not sure)

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