Easy to use FlashMX tutorials?

  D-Frame 22:35 28 Feb 2004

Anyone got any personal tutorials for FlashMX that can be easily followed by a n00b (me). Please dont say g00gle... i wanna know what your personal favorites are to help me get into FlashMX.

  Taran 07:22 29 Feb 2004

I've seen lots of Flash tutorials and some are better than others.

A few of those I like best are:

Boston University:

click here

click here

click here

Screatoris.net - cheesy homepage but an excellent overview of Flash driven site design from concept to implementation:

click here

The Excellent Flash Kit site - a vast source of information and tutorials; some easy, some very, very advanced and quite a few that fall between the two:

click here

I'd be wrong not to include a link to the Macromedia site - they have their own sample files and tutorials:

click here


click here

Webthang have some good tutorials:

click here

Simple but nice intro to very basic Flash from DevX:

click here

And the excellent Webmonkey site has tutorials on just about all things web related, including some useful articles on Flash:

click here for the main site and click here for the Flash stuff

There are countless sites that offer Flash tutorials but those I've listed above are a few of my favourites to point newcomers to.

Don't overlook the sample files included with Flash and the supporting helpfiles. Between them they walk you through all the basics needed to do pretty much everything you might ever want to with Flash.

Flash has about the steepest learning curve of any web related software that I know of, so don't get too discouraged if things seem to be going slowly. If it all seems complicated that's because it is and make absolutely sure that you understand everything you do in any of the tutorials before moving onto the next stage. Glossing over things and winging it just doesn't work when it comes to Flash.

There are some other sites I could mention but the above cover most of the bases and are written, for the most part, in an easygoing manner with lots of screenshots to help you along.

Good luck

click here

a little less academic but it may prove useful, ( and inspirational).

  D-Frame 16:47 29 Feb 2004

Thank You Both!!


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