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  vaughan007 00:49 27 Mar 2003

Hello All,

Just a quick question. Has anyone used a piece of software called "easy recovery" from a company known as "ontrack data recovery services". This is the link to their website click here I was going to download the .exe file for the trial version just in case I ever accidently deleted some important files, so I can retrieve them if the worse ever happens.

Basically, being the over cautious person I am and never having heard of this software before I would just like to know if it is OK to download and install. I dont want to download a prog that is potentially damaging.

If I sound paranoid it is only because I have been bitten in the past when I have downloaded software I have not heard of.

Cheers everyone :)

  ollie < one> 03:58 27 Mar 2003

what operating system do you run on your pc ?? cause if its windows me or xp then i would use the system restore before installing any software.
if any probs/conflicts found ,hey-presto restore back to before you installed that new program

  €dstow 07:40 27 Mar 2003

Why not make a backup of all of your important files or, much better, backup your complete system? Then if you do have a moment of madness and delete something you shouldn't, you can be reasonably assured that you have a copy of it. Far safer and much more reliable than trying to recover anything that you have inadvertantly removed.

The software you refer to is very expensive for a version that is to be of real use. For the same, or less money, you could get an extra hard drive, a copy of Drive Image and make a full backup as suggested, safe in the knowledge that you data is safe - which you don't get when you're trying desperately to use recovery software.


  vaughan007 08:21 27 Mar 2003

Thanks for the comments. I have Windows XP.

I do back up my important files, of course. However, I generally do this on a weekly or fortnightly basis. I was not going to pay for this software, but just try the trial version...so the price is irrelevant.

I am basically just intrigued as to how good software like this is and would like to have a quick "play" with it. But before downloading it I just wanted to make sure it was safe.

If any one has come across this software before. I would be pleased if you can tell me what you think and assure me that it is safe to download.


  cyclingchef 08:37 27 Mar 2003

I am not familiar with this particular piece of software but have used many Ontrack products they make the SystemSuite range of utility programs which are excellent and I have used for years. Ontrack is probably the No1 player in data recovery and offer a professional service to major companies who have computer disasters. So I'm sure the software will be "safe"
check them out! click here. I have no connection with the company.

  vaughan007 08:42 27 Mar 2003

Thanks Cyclingchef.

I really only want to have a go with one of these progs out of interest.

See....my life really is so boring that I want to personally evaluate software for "fun".

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