Easy question about monitor inputs

  Rockarch 09:45 07 Aug 2007

I think this is an easy question if you know about these things. I have just got a docking station for my laptop and am buying an LCD monitor for it. Some of the monitors I'm looking at say they have DVI as well as VGA input. The docking station appears to support both. So the question is what is DVI and will it make any difference? I mainly use the pc for office stuff & photos - no games & no dvds. I take I would also need to buy the correct cable.
As always - thanks for your help

  crosstrainer 09:49 07 Aug 2007

If you don't play games and wish to save a few quid, then stick with VGA. All cards wil provide an adapter to convert DVI to VGA.

I have to say though that with photos, and video, you will notice a difference in image quality.

  Rockarch 09:57 07 Aug 2007

Thanks crosstrainer - the monitor I'm looking at has both inputs anyway and I didn't know what DVI is. I'm used to looking at photos on the LCD screen of my laptop - presumably that would be digital ?

  crosstrainer 10:12 07 Aug 2007

One is analouge (on the way out now) the other being digital. If you have the choice go down the DVI route, take it, because all new graphics card's are digital, although backwards comatibe with analouge.

  keef66 10:38 07 Aug 2007

I have the very same setup at work; laptop / dock / tft screen. It came with a VGA lead. I thought the display looked a bit blurry, complained to I.T. who delved into a box full of DVI leads saying don't tell anyone, they'll all want one. Display is crystal clear now.

Most of my colleagues are still using the original VGA leads.

Got a new widescreen tft at home. Once I got it running at it's native resolution via the DVI input it is awesome.

Use DVI and make sure the monitor is running at it's native resolution.

  Rockarch 10:48 07 Aug 2007

Thanks Keef66 - will do that as it sounds easy enough. Have just ordered the monitor so looking forward to having a play with it once it arrives!

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