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  Dumble452 10:07 04 Jul 2005

I've taken PCA advice and bought a Canon ip3000. I must say that apart from a couple of minor grumbles I'm very pleased with it. The only problem I am having is printing photos using the Easy Photoprint software supplied by Canon. The quality of the prints is superb, but while the photos look just right on the monitor, when printed they are very contrasty and over-saturated. I've tried using the manual colour settings under preferences but these have no effect, Easy Photoprint seems to over-ride them.
I've also tried using the adjustments in JASC Paint Shop and printing from there but this seems to wash out the print without solving the problem.
I don't want to alter my monitor settings, just get the prints close to what I can see on the monitor.

  jack 12:25 04 Jul 2005

Easy it ain't -what you ask.
It is all so dependant on you hardware set up -Monitor/software/ relationship.
The type of paper you are using
The viewing conditions you are looking at them in.

Here are a few simple tips.
Go to Start/Control Panel/Adobe. Follow this to set the monitor up to its optimum .
In Paint Shop
Select an image and set it up to print what pleases you, use save as give it a name and save it.
Now select another from the same original image and in adjust darken it a % point or so. Save that one with a different name, Do 3 or four like this.
go the Page lay out and place all the images on the page.

Set the printer up to print in transparency mode.
Print the page .
Maake comparisons and select the one you like.
You have have to do this several times.
This is a bit like a photographer in his darkroon making test strips.
Practice and loots of ink and paper -makes for perfection.

  Dumble452 15:03 04 Jul 2005

Am I right in thinking that Easy Photoprint over-rides the manual settings and sets its own parameters?

  pj123 15:23 04 Jul 2005

As jack says there is no easy answer to this.

I don't have a canon printer but Easy Photoprint sounds suspiciously like Epson's Photoquicker, which does overide the manual settings.

As for "they look just right on the monitor" that doesn't mean very much. Different people have different settings on their monitor. I have seen some who have the monitor set very dark and some who like it very light. The monitor is separate from the printer. You don't always get what you see on the monitor on a print out. The closest may be Epson's "Print Image Matching", which matches the actual photo settings, not what is seen on the monitor. Adobe Photoshop has a programme called Adobe Gamma which allows you to set up your monitor to a specific photo, but even when that is done the printouts may still not be what you see on the screen.

  hssutton 16:37 04 Jul 2005

I would suggest that you initially calibrate your monitor click here This will do a decent job. Then go to your printer properties and select the default setting.

  jack 17:47 04 Jul 2005

It did not click- Easy Photoprint- this is the 'Canon' supplied 'qick way' software is it?
As pj123 said software supplied with printers/scanners- are simply 'get you started'
prgrams. IMHO like camera software- best left in the box
It is always best to work with a dedicated photo editor programs such as Paint Shop Pro or similar.

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