easy password manager

  gidster 18:55 03 Mar 2004

after using password manager on the free cover disc for 40 days . does it need to be brought to carry on using it because i thought it was free, as it said on the disc and in the magazine it was a free full programe

  sat481 21:32 03 Mar 2004

If the disc said full free program then you should be able to carry on using it

Take care


  bretsky 21:46 03 Mar 2004

If you need a good password manager, give this a look click here

It's completely free and lets you know about new versions etc etc

Good luck ...................bretsky;0)

  gidster 22:03 03 Mar 2004

thanks bretsky but is there still a trial limit on it

  Diodorus Siculus 22:13 03 Mar 2004

(Freeware) (open source, Mozilla Public License Version 1.1)
OS: Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP
Languages: English (American), Czech, French, German, Polish, Russian.
Description: Oubliette password databases will store a list of accounts with information such as account name, associated password, URL, and free-form notes. You can access the information, copy to clipboard or export to a variety of formats. There is a powerful search facility with filtered output (i.e. view only the records that satisfy your search criteria). You can also filter by categories that you assign to accounts when you create or edit them. Oubliette offers a number of ways to transfer account names and passwords to the browser: via the clipboard, through drag-and-drop, or by automated form filling. Oubliette uses secure, mathematically strong ciphers to protect your data against unaythorized access. Oubliette gives you a choice of encryption algorithms: Blowfish or Idea. Do not lose the main access password. It will not be possible to open the file and access your data without the correct, original password.
Author: Marek Jedlinski Company: Tranglos.com
Home Page:
click here
Program description and download page: v 1.9.5 (2003-11-18) (oubsetup.exe) (1mb)
click here

  GaT7 22:24 03 Mar 2004

No trial limit on Roboform's freeware version but there's a 30-Password limit (good enough for most), plus some other minor limitations. As bretsky mentions it is rather good indeed with some intuitive 'artificial intelligence' to boot! Very easy to use. TRY IT!

I also use 'Any Password' (freeware). Can be downloaded from: click here . Has it's own set of useful features, is easy to use & does not have any trial limitations. Worth a try too!

  bretsky 11:48 04 Mar 2004

Well lets just say I have had roboform for 316 days including 2 new versions and I have not had to pay anything!

If you need to use advanced options you will need to use the pro version which has a 30 day trial period.

But the free version is more than adequate for the home user......anyway, click on the link in the above reply and give it a whirl.

Good luck ................bretsky;0)

  gidster 21:14 04 Mar 2004

thanks everyone ill give them a try also do you know how i can retrive my passwords i put into easy password manager.....cheers

  GaT7 17:49 05 Mar 2004

gidster - As I don't have the 'cover disc', if you let me know EXACTLY which 'Password Manager' you are using & which version I may be able to answer the above - is it this one - click here

To find out the above info from the program itself (works on most) - open the program, click on the Help tab, then 'About...'. You should be presented with a window that provides the necessary info. Please include all details including the program's website &/or developer's name.

PS - Usually, if you uninstall & re-install the program the 'password' info shouldn't be destroyed. But this differs from program to program, so not recommended.

  gidster 18:03 05 Mar 2004

crossbow - the version i am using or was using easy password manager 1.2 SE Which was free with pc advisor and it said it was a full free programme but it says i now need a promotion key or i have to pay

  gidster 18:07 05 Mar 2004

crossbow - i cant do what you said either because it not let me open it.

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