easy one this for 10 points, in IE7 how do you....

  athenrye 22:00 20 Jul 2007

open a new tab page the same a the one you are working on?
in the old one you went to file open new page and a new Ie6 opened at the same page you were on
this is handy if you are way into a website and dont want to lose the page

in the new IE7 the file isnt at the top of the web page
whos got the answer....

  Dipso 22:14 20 Jul 2007

Interested to know if anyone has the answer to this myself. I found this feature of IE6 particularly handy with Ebay.

You can get the Menu bar to show to be able to access File etc. but it doesn't open a new tab as the same page as the one you are on and opens your home page again. Oening a new window does, but this kind of defeats the idea of tabbed browsing doesn't it?

  Why wont it work 22:19 20 Jul 2007

do you mean Ctrl+ N ?

That opens the page you are looking at in another page/tab (depending on how you have it set up)

Hope that helps

  athenrye 22:25 20 Jul 2007

thats good
it works by opening the same page in a new browser
which is good
it would be better to open the same page in a new tab in the same browser
but this way is good to start


  athenrye 01:12 21 Jul 2007

anybody else any ideas on this one

  lotvic 01:33 21 Jul 2007

Press the CTRL key while clicking links (or use the middle mouse button).
Click any tab with the middle mouse button to close it.
Press ALT+ENTER from the address bar or search box to open the result in a new tab.

Keyboard shortcuts:
Open links in a new tab in the background CTRL+click
Open links in a new tab in the foreground CTRL+SHIFT+click
Open a new tab in the foreground CTRL+T
Open a new tab from the Address bar ALT+ENTER
Open a new tab from the search box ALT+ENTER
Open Quick Tabs (thumbnail view) CTRL+Q
Switch between tabs CTRL+TAB/CTRL+SHIFT+TAB
Switch to a specific tab number CTRL+n (n can be 1-8)
Switch to the last tab CTRL+9
Close current tab CTRL+W
Close all tabs ALT+F4
Close other tabs CTRL+ALT+F4

Mouse shortcuts:
Open a link in a background tab Click the middle mouse button on a link
Open a new tab Double-click the empty space to the right of the last tab
Close a tab Click the middle mouse button on the tab

This info came up when I clicked on 'new tab' in IE7

  lotvic 23:10 21 Jul 2007

Hope these help

Tip #1 When opening same page in a new Tab by pressing Alt Enter you have to have the address highlighted in blue (If you don't then it just hides the Address bar etc and goes to full screen and does not open a new tab)

Tip #2If you accidently make it view full screen and 'lose' the Address bar etc - Press F11 to get it to display again.

Tip #3 To display Menu Bar for File, Edit, View, Favourites, Tools, Help (like they were in IE6)

From the Help Files: ""How do I display the Internet Explorer menu?
The menus that were displayed in earlier versions of Internet Explorer are turned off in Internet Explorer 7, but you can turn them back on.

To display the menus temporarily

Open Internet Explorer.
Press ALT.
To display the menus permanently

Open Internet Explorer.
Click the Tools button and then select Menu Bar.
To turn the menus off, repeat the steps above to clear the check mark.""

Tip #4 To display the Help Files press F1

  Miros 01:03 22 Jul 2007

Highlight the page your on, copy it the address, open new tab, paste the copied address into new tab address bar, hey presto, you now have the same page on two tabs.

Is that what your after?

  Miros 01:07 22 Jul 2007

Sorry, highlight the address of the page you are on, copy the address, open new tab, paste the copied address into new tab address bar, hey presto, you now have the same page on two tabs.

  athenrye 01:12 22 Jul 2007

thanks guys
i like the alt enter answer best

i knew i could do the other things like copy and paste
but you think IE7 would have thought of an easy link button to do it

  Dipso 15:41 22 Jul 2007

Wahay! Alt and Enter does it! It's just remembering now...

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