Easy Cleaner for registry.

  Miros 10:43 02 Mar 2007

Just come across this new (to me)program called easy cleaner:click here
Has anyone else seen it? used it? it looks quite good to me, does more than just clean the registry.

  Shortstop 10:57 02 Mar 2007

but very powerful. I would strongly recommend backing up your registry if you are uncertain about these things - just in case!

Having said that, I have never had an issue with this, and those little 'extra programss' do come in handy ....



  Miros 11:12 02 Mar 2007

Thanks for that.
Would you think that it would be advisable to make a system restore point before using it and would that suffice?

  Shortstop 11:35 02 Mar 2007

Hi Miros,

I am probably going to attract criticism, but I am not personally a fan of System Restore and prefer a full Registry backup. Maybe I just prefer the control, but if anything does go wrong I am not usually able to use System Restore to correct it. I believe that SR just covers the major registry files for Windows and RB does the lot.

Like I say, just my opinion :o)



  johndrew 11:50 02 Mar 2007

Even if you use System Restore it is always worthwhile using something like ERUNT click here to make a backup of your Registry `somewhere safe`.

Personally I prefer Ccleaner click here to `tidy up` my system. There are others which are equally good so it`s down to what suits you that counts in the end.

  Miros 12:02 02 Mar 2007

They say great minds think alike and fools seldom differ:-)

We gotta be the former!!!

I have just been and downloaded that ERUNT program before I saw your entry, this was after the advice by Shortstop about backing up the registry. Had a look at doing it manually at first I chickened out of that. Searched again, then saw the snapfile registry backup, which is more up my street. I already have Ccleaner thanks.

Thanks again the two of you.

  Shortstop 12:03 02 Mar 2007

Yes, I use Erunt as advised by v for my backups. Never failed me!

  Input Overload 12:07 02 Mar 2007

I personally find Easy Cleaner a bit harsh in what it removes.

  acein1 20:04 02 Mar 2007

johndrew, a question please,is there any point in using system restore at all if using "erunt", and having it (erunt) set to automaticaly do a registery backup at startup, appreciate your oppinion thanks

  rawprawn 08:23 03 Mar 2007

I have been trying WinAso Registry Optimizer, and I am impressed. It was recommenrd by skidzy about a week ago to help with a problem which it fixed.
click here Unfortunately the free version will only clean 10 problems at a time and in the first place I had to run it 14 times to solve my problem (Cheap skate that I am) but it's worth a try/look at

  Miros 14:40 03 Mar 2007

I have something called Idigicon PC Accelerator which I think does a similar job as WinAso Registry Optimizer. Your cheap? I'm cheaper! think I got mine as a freebie so long ago can't remember where, possibly from PC Advisor magazine.

Every time I use it, it asks if I want to update which I do, but I can't find the home page anywhere.

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