Easy CD&DVD Creator 6 Help

  steve12345 16:47 11 May 2004

I bought Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 and installed it on my Sony Vaio Desktop Computer.

I've done all the updates but I can not get it to recognise my Sony DVD+/-RW Drive (DW-U12A). Neither Creator-Classic nor Disc-Copier can find a compatible drive. Although Drag-To-Disc can recognise it.

I've tried uninstalling other CD/DVD writing programs, disabled Windows CD-Writing and closed Roxio's Drag-To-Disc. Still no result.

Anyone help?

  alnwrd 19:00 11 May 2004

I bought easy cd creator 6 but din't like it, prefering version 5 for cd work. One of the problems I've had is with something called easy write which seems to be a format that roxio introduces, but often windows cannot read or write to the disc.

Does windows explorer recognise the drive? if you put in a cd will it play? Have you got a cdrw disc? can it read this? If not try formatting the drive. If you can access the drive with windows then the problem must be with roxio software but if you've got the latest roxio updates I don't know what else to suggest

  steve12345 23:36 11 May 2004

Everything else recognises the drive except for Easy CD/DVD Creator 6.

I have used the drive with the supplied software "RecordNow Cd&DVD" but the functions were too limited. That's why I bought some other software to use. I've also used it with Windows own cd-writing and "SonicStage Simple Burner".

  steve12345 01:11 25 May 2004

Anyone got any ideas?

I still can't get it to work.

  accord 06:37 25 May 2004

Alot of people on this forum suggest Nero but Im using Creator 6 and have had no problems albeit only on CDR/RW not DVDR/RW. Sorry I cant be of any more help.

  stlucia 08:33 25 May 2004

What OS are you using? I upgraded to Roxio v.6 under Windows XP Home, and it works fine with a Sony DRU500A burner.

  steve12345 00:35 31 May 2004

I'm running on WinXP Home.

I've now tried uninstalling, using Roxizap, and re-installing and updated again. Still no change.

I've also now tried doing Roxio's support suggesting of recreating the upper and lower filters and still no change.

Anyone using ECDC6 and the Sony DVDRW-Drive? Maybe you can post what the registry settings are for my drive and I can try that?

  steve12345 00:41 31 May 2004


The registry address is:


and look on the right for "UpperFilters" and "LowerFilters".

P.S. WARNING! ONLY do this if you are confident looking in the registry as you can do a lot of damage if you change something by accident. ( Create a System-Restore point first)


  maz2 01:02 31 May 2004

Try the Roxio site they have help forums you have to register put your problem up there and I'm sure someone will help

  hssutton 10:15 31 May 2004

I had the same problem when I changed from B's Gold to ECDC6, the problem was overcome by downloading different ASPI drivers from Adaptec. Sorry I can't remember which drivers, as this was almost 12 months ago. I'm sure I read about this on Roxios help forum.

  steve12345 15:32 31 May 2004

maz2 -

Thanks. Yes I have registered on Roxios Forum and posted my problem. They were no help at all.

hssutton -

Thanks. I'll look into this.

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