Easy CD Creator 6 problem burning CD

  Frank-193284 17:23 25 Aug 2004

I have a reasonably new E/Machine from PC World and recently purchased easy CD Creator 6, just installed and tried to burn an audio CD.
I keep getting the message"There appears to be no disc in the DVD_RW ND 1300A (drive E)
I am using Philips CD-R80, I have also tried Packard bell CD Rewritable and Xerox DVD + Rewritable with the same problem?
Can anyone help!!

  rawprawn 17:30 25 Aug 2004

Try formatting the disc first using the CD Creator facility, or can't you even get to that.

  rawprawn 18:59 25 Aug 2004

Look in device manager to see if there is a problem.In case you are not sure how to do this go to Control Panel/Adminastrative Tools/ Computer Management/Device manager/in the right hand panel look at DVD / CD open it by clicking the plus sign. Are there any yellow question marks? Sorry if you already know how to do this but it saves a post.You say your computer is fairly new so I am assuming Windows XP

  rawprawn 19:05 25 Aug 2004

PS. I don't mean to be rude, but please post your replies to this forum thread rather than by email, it is much better for you, as more people better qualified than I can see the problem more clearly, and can then imput to the problem.

  Madpad_001 21:26 25 Aug 2004

Have you done the lastest software updates

  Frank-193284 09:09 26 Aug 2004

Thanks, I am indeed running XP, and I have checked the device manager and all seem to be working (no yellow indicators)
One point I cannot play a audio CD fron the CD RW drive, but I can play a DVD??
Any thoughts??

  ventanas 10:07 26 Aug 2004

Open My Computer and right click the drive. Click Properties and then the Hardware tab. Select the drive and again click properties. Now choose the Properties tab. Is Enable Digital CD Audio ticked. Or is the volume right down.

  Madpad_001 17:13 26 Aug 2004

When the drive was fitted was the audio cable fitted from the drive to the motherbroad/ sound card?

  SEASHANTY 20:27 26 Aug 2004

The CD section uses a different laser beam to that of the DVD. You maybe have a facility in the software windows (options??) to select CD burner as opposed to DVD burner.

  Frank-193284 11:52 31 Aug 2004

The audio from this drive is supposed to operate through the headphone connection, and the unit has no seperate "Burn for CD or DVD", I am still trying every trick I can think of, and indeed some that have been recomended, but still I cannot burn CD's
Help please!!!

  Philwane 12:49 31 Aug 2004

Have you been to the Roxio site to see if your CD/DVD writer is supported

click here

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