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  beanyboy 11:02 22 Apr 2006

Hi there, its me Beanyboy again.

I am not clever enough to solve my Easy CD Creator 5 problem. ie it won't work with my Windows XP anymore. I uninstalled it for various reasons and now can't re-install without all those blinkin' error messages coming up.
I have decided to get the latest version. Can anyhone who is an accomplished Easy CD Creator user answer the following questions for me ?

1 My prime requirement is the "Soundstream" facility that was on my 5.1 version.

Can I get that on the 8. OR is the 7 better than the 8.

OR can I buy the Soundstream software separately.

If the 7 or 8 versions will allow me to record separate tracks from CD's on to a blank CD ie to make a compilation to use in the car then I will fork out for whichever will work, just to solve my problem the easiest way and without further delay.

Any help on this would be truly appreciated guys.

Ken Bean

  Marsh Warden © ™ 13:36 22 Apr 2006

[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL] for a picture of the Audio capabilities in Version 8

  Marsh Warden © ™ 13:44 22 Apr 2006

Sorry click here

  Marsh Warden © ™ 13:50 22 Apr 2006

click here bit bigger

  beanyboy 19:36 22 Apr 2006

Thanks Marsh that sounds as if it is going to be ok then but just to make sure and dont forget that I aint got a clue about this sort of stuff , can you confirm that I can transfer separate tracks from music CD's direct on to a
blank CD in order to make up a compilation of some of my favouriste tracks off of various Cd's.

That is to say, direct from any music CD to the receiving or compilatioin CD WITHOUT PUTTING IT ON MY HARD DRIVE FIRST.
YOur reassurance on that point will clinch it as far as I am concerned 'cos that is what Soundstream did on my old 5.1 version.

Ken Bean

  Marsh Warden © ™ 12:55 23 Apr 2006

I'm sure Soundstream did what you wanted. I have just checked v8 and you can copy various tracks from various CD's, but it does copy them to a temp directory on your HD first.

I think these are deleted when you burn the CD, as you will be given an option on exiting the program to save or not as you wish, if you don't save then they are deleted.

Hope this helps.

  Marsh Warden © ™ 13:08 23 Apr 2006

Incidentally, have you tried these updates click here to get v5 working in XP. With these I had v5 working okay for a long time, but as I'm a compulsive updater I have had all versions in between.

  Marsh Warden © ™ 13:10 23 Apr 2006

Here's how,

Step 1
Select your language and Download the Easy CD Creator Platinum 5.3.5 update.

Step 2
If Easy CD Creator is not installed on your computer please install it and reboot your system. (We recommend a custom install without Take Two in Windows XP and 2000, also if you receive a message stating that you do not have a "supported CD-R/RW" install anyway.)

Step 3
Install the upgrade to Easy CD Creator 5.3.5. After installing this update, please reboot your system.

Step 4
If Easy CD Creator does not recognize your CD-Burner after rebooting also download and install the drive update by clicking here. driveup5.3.5v.exe | 12/15/04

  beanyboy 14:04 23 Apr 2006

Hi Marsh

Thanks for al that . Much appreciated.

The problem is as follows. I loaded my 5 disc into the drive and up comes the message:-

"Easy CD Creator is incompatible with this version of Windows. For more info contact Roxio."

I have been there before and can't get anywhere.
Hence me thinking that the new version may be the better option. I wish I could re-load my 5 'cos the soundstream on it is fine. I dont fancy much having to load tracks on to hard drive first but if that is what I have to do so be it. Why on earth did Roxio change the format .Stupid people !!!

Cheers Ken

  Marsh Warden © ™ 15:17 23 Apr 2006

Okay sorry about the v5 not loading. I think you may be misunderstanding what happened during the process of copying. The tracks you select are automatically transferred to your HD, to a temporary location, all this happens in the background, without any input from you.

As stated before these are then deleted if you choose not to save them. In fact I have been looking at my manual for v5, and I am convinced that the Soundstream Application also did this.

I believe that have the tracks on the hard drive is much better, as you can alter the playlist by moving tracks around to change the order of play etc.

  beanyboy 17:07 23 Apr 2006

yep I am sure that you may be right. The Soundstream did sort of do it in bits , so to speak . Because I ended up with the chosen tracks on the " Compilation" CD , it felt like or looked like as if it was all being done in one hit.

I will have a splashout and get the 8 version , I am sure it will be OK and its is not as if my 5 is working 'cos as you know I can't even load it anymore.
All I.ve got to do now is to try and find out where I can get the 8 at the best possible price, Got any ideas, based on your previous experience ?

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