Easy CD 5 Platinum

  Pita BT 20:35 02 Mar 2004

Hi everyone.
Is anyone having the same problem with EasyCD as I am?
I have so far only found one make of CDRW disk that I can format with Direct CD.
That brand is Verbatim 700mb.
I have tried Memorex CDRW 650mb and out of a batch of 25 only 2 would format, and that was after an aborted attempt, a disk erase then another format. The rest go through the format process with no error message, but when disk is replaced in drive the computer just locks up while drive is trying to read disk. Read light just keeps flashing. Have left it for 15 minutes in case of delayed success.
The other brand that will not format at all (not any of them tried so far (3 out of batch of 10)) is TDK CDRW 700mb High Speed. It is a high speed drive.
I have another computer with standard speed rewriter and result is the same.
These disks can be used in normal fashion by making Data disks and can be erased.
TDK's which have had a format attempt cannot be erased because the drive just locks up.
I would really like to find anothe brand besides Verbatim that I can use in Direct CD.
My EasyCD5 Platinum has been updated with all the latest update downloads and in every other respect works ok.
Any comments would be welcome.

  Pita BT 18:04 09 Jan 2005

BUMP from March 2004.
Perhaps someone reading now will have some ideas

  AndySD 18:07 09 Jan 2005

You may need a firmware update for the cd writer.

  mattyc_92 18:09 09 Jan 2005

If you are talking about "Roxio Easy CD creator", then I haven't had any problems that come to mind, but then again I have v6 and I recall one problem where the program didn't make disks that my cd or even cd-rw player could read, so I checked on one of my friends and it wouldn't read there either, so I have switched to "Nero" and all is now fine with the world and my head-aches from trying to find out what is wrong has gone...

Just a thought!!!

  Pita BT 18:15 09 Jan 2005

Thanks Andy. Firmware, done that. No change.

  Pita BT 18:19 09 Jan 2005

I am actually considering Nero. The problem is that I am only having problem with formatting CDRW's with DirectCD. Running the latest updated version of both DirectCD and Easy CD Creator V5 Platinum.
Does format some disks as stated above but cannot now find disks which will format.
EasyCD Creator is fine in every other respect.

  mattyc_92 18:22 09 Jan 2005

Try uninstalling it, rebooting system and then re-install the program!!!! TRY USING THE PROGRAM WITHOUT THE UPDATES and see if it works!!!

  Pita BT 19:05 09 Jan 2005

Thanks Matty. I have done all that several times, all to no avail. I think maybe the problem is the High Speed Writer settings. I have even downloaded the latest update for CD Drive recognition for Easy CD5. This was dated Dec 2004.
One strange thing I have noticed is that under CD properties facility in Easy CD I cannot get it to Change Supported Media to CDRW High Speed. When I click on that option it just drops back to CD-R. Which of course the disks I am using, are not.

  mattyc_92 21:27 09 Jan 2005

So it supports CD-Rs but not CD-RWs??

  Pita BT 21:48 09 Jan 2005

Well the spec of the rewriter is that it is a high speed rewriter. So that sort of leads me to believe that it should write to CDRW high speed disks.
When looking at the CD Drive properties in Easy CD there are three drop down options to choose from to set up EasyCD. CD-R, CDRW, and CDRW High Speed. Whichever you click on it only goes to CD-R. The drive is a Samsung SW-240B.
The drive itself is marked ReWritable High Speed and a check on Samsung Website confirms this.
Easy CD is updated with the latest updates (December 2004) and the Drive has the very latest firmware installed.
Gradually losing heart over this and may resort to installing a DVD ReWriter and hope that may solve the problem.

  Pita BT 21:50 09 Jan 2005

It is interesting to note that it will format a CD-R disk though. So the format facility is working. Just not a lot of point in formatting a CD-R though as I need to be able to use the CD's the same as a floppy disk.

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